It’s Time To Try Food The Reverse Way With Nature’s Toilet Cafe In Ahmedabad

by Kritikka Sudhakar
It’s Time To Try Food The Reverse Way With Nature’s Toilet Cafe In Ahmedabad

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Nature’s Toilet Cafe in Ahmedabad is breaking the chain of cliched cafes where you actually would be having food over the various sanitary wares.

Nature's Toilet Cafe
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What Is It?

The aim is to spread awareness about good sanitation and good hygiene. Inspired by a social cause called the Safai Vidyalay. If you are tired of the regular Cafes, Nature’s Toilet Cafe would give you an altogether different experience of sitting on a reverse mechanism of food. All kinds of finger foods are served here, also beverages(tea, coffee) are available. The beverages are served in cups that look like commodes. 

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Nature's toilet cafe
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The ambiance is entirely that of sitting in a toilet. The chair look like pots and the tables contain Indian type of commode in which the food is served. Also the desserts are given in small commode type looking glasses. It will give you a whole experience you’ve never ever  had before.

What’s Unique?

Here the funda of using the washroom is ‘USE and Get Paid‘ instead of the regular ‘Paid and USE’.  This is basically to increase the awareness of good Sanitation amongst public. So every time you relieve your stomach, you get ₹2. Also the actual toilets are connected to bio-gas, so the waste products are used to create electricity and cooking.

So try a different experience of chilling on pots, visit Toilet Cafe to experience something different.

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Nature's Toilet cafe
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Address: Also called Safai Vidhyalay, besides Mahatma Gandhi Ashram, Ashram Road, Old Wadaj, Ahmedabad
Phone no: 07927558052

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