Top 5 Myths About Olive Oil – Busted!

by Shreya J
Top 5 Myths About Olive Oil – Busted!


Olive oil has taken us on a rollercoaster ride with the umpteen number of myths surrounding it. You’ve always had a few questions of your own that constantly pop up in your head when you have an “Olive Oil” conversation. Some say it’s good, some say it can’t be used for Indian cooking, some say it’s healthy and some say it’s not! What to believe? If you have the same query, this one’s for you!

1. It Can’t Be Used In Cooking Or Frying – False

A myth that needed major busting has to be this one! The smoke point for olive oil is 190 to 210 degree Celsius, depending on the three grades of olive oil – extra virgin, pure or extra light. With the Indian style of cooking on a gas stove, temperature can’t be measured easily. But Bertolli Olive Oil can be used with temperatures used for high-frying for making tava sabji and sauteed paratha. It is also absolutely safe for cooking, so needless to say it’s really healthy too!

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2. Heat Diminishes The Health Benefits Of The Oil – False

There’s absolutely no difference between eating raw or cooked olive oil apart from a little taste alteration. Olive oil can take the heat without sacrificing on nutrient levels; in short olive oil is quite stable even after being heated. Hence, we can successfully conclude that heat doesn’t reduce the health benefits associated with Bertolli Olive Oil.

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3. It Should Only Be Consumed In A Raw, Cold-Pressed Form – False

Yes, we tend/prefer to use Olive oil in only salads and dressings but that shouldn’t be the case. In places like Mexico or Spain, certain dishes are deep fried, but that’s also enjoyed thoroughly. Culinary experts say that olive oil also is safe to be used while deep frying, sautéing and pan-frying as it doesn’t hamper the benefit of the oil. Whether you’re going for pork spring rolls, scotch eggs or lemon fried cauliflower, anything can be deep fried/sauteed. Cooking techniques in India usually revolve around frying and sauteing rather than using olive oil as salad dressing. Now the good news is that Bertolli Olive Oil can be used for various purposes, so you won’t have to limit yourself!

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4. It Should Only Be Used For Cosmetic Purposes – False

Yes, using olive oil on your face, hands, feet and hair for moisturizing purpose is great. But, we all have to agree that what you put in your stomach is what your skin reflects and using that simple logic, Bertolli Olive Oil has Vitamin E, which is great for your skin but it is also meant to be consumed apart from just being used for cosmetic purposes.

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5. The Darker The Colour Of The Oil, The Better- False

Well, of course not. The colour of the oil depends on the region from where olives are produced- its variety and its weather conditions. It has no effect on the constituents of the oil and the health benefits can be obtained irrespective of the location where the oil comes from.

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