Top 5 Reasons Why South Korea Should Be On Your Bucket List This Year

by Natasha Monteiro
Top 5 Reasons Why South Korea Should Be On Your Bucket List This Year

You know how they say go to Paris for fashion, Europe for the landscapes, Australia for the beaches? ‘They’ have got it all wrong! We discovered a place that has all three plus it’s closer to India & definitely more in budget. South Korea is an ode to beauty (people + landscapes), technology, music, fashion and what have you!

Here are just 5 reasons why you need to pack your bags and plan a trip to beautiful South Korea right now.

1. Visit The DMZ

The DMZ is the border that divided South Korea and the elusive dictator run North Korea. Of course there’s a peace treaty now signed between the two nations, but if you ask me that only adds to the wonder value of this place. Walk over to the other side – quite literally – and snap a picture in North Korea (because such things should always make it to FB & social media). If something like this doesn’t give you bragging rights, we don’t know what will.

You can choose your points of interest from spots like the Dora Observatory, The Joint Security Area, Freedom Bridge and even catch a view of the Infiltration Tunnels. Because you guys ‘darr ke aagey jeet hai!’


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2. The Quirkiest Museums

If you love culture & art, the National Museum Of Korea with over 220,000 pieces of art and relics is where you need to be. If the movie ‘Night At The Museum’ had a South Korean version – it would be called ‘Transformer’s’. That’s not even an exaggeration, there are entire museums dedicated to just cars!

The Samsung Transportation Museum is only a half hour drive from Seoul and across the street to the famous Everland Amusement Park. If you can name cars faster than you can name your ex, then this museum is for you. Say hello to beauties like the rare models of the BMW 3.0 CSL, BMW 507 roadster, 1974 Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 and a 1958 Porsche Speedster. 

Also check out the National Palace Museum of Korea, which is an ode to the Joseon Dynasty – the last royal dynasty of Korea.The entry is free and there are over 40,000 pieces of royal treasures and artifacts.

Gyeongju Museum

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3. Visa Free Island For Indians

Do you know how many beautiful places around the world are visa free for Indians? NOT ENOUGH! But Jeju Island more than makes up for it. It’s so beautiful that if Harry Potter had to be reshot, it would be at Jeju Island. The mountains, the greenery, the flowers, the views – it all spells magic! Now if that isn’t enough to convince you to pack your bags right now then here’s another fun fact. Jeju Volcanic Island is among the new 7 Wonders of nature by UNESCO & Seoul to Jeju is the most traveled air route in the world. Time to gift bae a surprise!

Seongsan ilchulbong Sunrise Peak

Also, if you want to tell her that you’ll walk through fire for her – here’s where you can prove it! Okay, not literally but figuratively. The lava tubes are an underground tunnel system created by years of lava spills. Of course, they’ve cooled down over the years, but at some level you’ve still walked through fire!

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4. Oh, The High!

No! not the high you’re thinking aboout (wink wink) but it’s closest to what you could feel like on the top of the World’s 5th tallest building! And the accolades for the Lotte World Tower, don’t stop here. It’s the tallest building in South Korea, the world’s highest glass-bottomed observation deck, the world’s highest swimming pool & the world’s fastest elevator. Phew! Bet Sharmaji ka Beta can’t top this. Deemed as the ‘Soul of Seoul’ – The Lotte World Tower offers the best views of the city. Watch the sun go down and the city light up as you get a 360-degree view over 123 floors.

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Lotte World Tower


5. Paris Needs To Catch Up With South Korea

If you think your #OOTD game is top notch, and #slay is not what you use to talk about dragons, then it’s time to move to the land of South Korea. Your favourite fashion blogger has got nothing on the average South Korean girl. Whatever the trend, South Korea has done it already.

Daring, Bold. Quirky. Outlandish. These are probably the best adjectives to describe Korea’s couture. Also, I’m pretty sure South Korea has either learned to time travel or has discovered the secret to looking youthful. Just look at the women (and the men) there. How is it even possible to look that flawless? I’ve read that their entire concept of beauty revolves on how to look ravishing without makeup & not vice versa. It probably explains why their beauty products use natural products in their making. There’s Innisfree, which has Jeju volcanic ash particles. Who would have thought of using ash particles in makeup? Apparently South Korea does!

Image Courtesy: VogueI do want to give a fun end to this article but I’d rather book my tickets to South Korea. So see you at Jeju Island, guys!

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