8 Top Tourist Spots In Jordan That You Absolutely Cannot Miss

From the iconic rose-red city of Petra to the serene shores of the Dead Sea

by Priyanka Fernandes
8 Top Tourist Spots In Jordan That You Absolutely Cannot Miss

Exploring the tourist spots in Jordan is a journey like no other, where ancient history meets breathtaking landscapes. From the iconic rose-red city of Petra to the serene shores of the Dead Sea, Jordan captivates visitors with its blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Here are Jordan’s top eight tourist attractions, each offering a captivating mix of history, culture, and natural beauty that promises an unforgettable experience. 

1. Petra

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Petra, a tourist spot nestled in southern Jordan, is a famous for its unique architecture carved into red, white, pink, and sandstone cliffs. This UNESCO World Heritage site, known as the “Rose City,” dates back to 312 BC and features iconic landmarks like the Treasury and the Monastery. Visitors enter through the narrow Siq and can experience Petra by Night, illuminated by 1500 candles. Entry requires tickets, available at the Visitor Centre or online, and licensed guides are available. Visiting early morning or late afternoon is best for an unforgettable experience.

Must-see: The Siq, Petra Museum and Theatre, Monastery, The Tombs and The Treasury

2. Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Tourist Spots In Jordan
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The Dead Sea in Jordan, nestled 400 meters below sea level in the Jordan Rift Valley, offers therapeutic waters and stunning vistas. With healing mud and unique salt-saturated lakes, it’s a haven for relaxation and wellness seekers. Visitors can enjoy swimming, floating, and mud baths, explore nearby archaeological sites and engage in water sports. Due to the area’s hot climate, sun protection is crucial, and adherence to local regulations is necessary in this protected environment.

Must-see: Ein Bokek, Ein Gedi, Masada and Neve Zohar

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3. Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo
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Mount Nebo in Jordan is steeped in biblical significance. Many believe it is where Moses viewed the Promised Land before his passing. The site features well-preserved 6th-century mosaics, a Serpentine Cross, and the iconic Moses Memorial Church. With a ticket, visitors can explore the church and enjoy panoramic views of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem from the Memorial Viewpoint. For a tranquil experience with similar vistas, a short walk downhill leads to a secluded hilltop spot.

Must-see: Memorial Church Of Moses, Mosaics and Madaba Archaeological Park

4. Amman

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Amman, Jordan’s capital, is a cosmopolitan hub and a fusion of rich past and modern present, rendering it a sought-after tourist destination in the Middle East. With a centuries-old history, the city boasts impressive landmarks such as the Amman Citadel and the Roman Theatre. State-of-the-art buildings and vibrant markets surround the town, where visitors can experience the warm hospitality of the locals and indulge in a diverse culinary scene. As the largest city in Jordan, Amman is a melting pot of cultures, making it an exciting destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking a modern urban experience.

Must-see: Jordan Museum, Souks in Amman, Rainbow Street, Roman Theater and The Amman Citadel 

5. Desert Castles

Desert Castles
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Explore the Desert Castles in the Zarqa Governorate, a series of early Islamic archaeological sites extending from Amman to Saudi Arabia. These structures, built by the Umayyads around the 7th century, include forts, bathhouses, and rest stops. Drive the Desert Castle Loop to visit sites like Quseir Amra, Quseir Hallabat, Quseir Al-Kharanah, and Azraq Castle, each offering a glimpse into ancient history.

Must-see: Quseir Amra, Quseir Al-Kharanah, Azraq Castle and Quseir Hallabat

6. Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib, Tourist Spots In Jordan
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Explore Wadi Mujib, Jordan’s stunning river canyon, akin to America’s Grand Canyon. Four kilometres wide and one kilometre deep, it offers breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife sightings. Thrill-seekers can enjoy wet hikes through the gorge while the Mujib Reserve Biosphere beckons with soothing hot springs just a short drive from Amman.

Must-see: Ma’in Hot Springs, Fortress of Machaerus and Wadi Attun

7. Aqaba

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Aqaba, Jordan’s sole coastal city between Asia and Africa on the northeastern edge of the Red Sea, is renowned for its beaches, seafood eateries, and striking desert landscapes. As a key part of Jordan’s tourism trifecta, alongside Wadi Rum and Petra, Aqaba offers a glimpse into its vibrant history. The city’s bustling souk is a treasure trove of handcrafted goods, while its forts and museums add to its allure. Aqaba is also a snorkeler’s paradise, boasting over 25 dive sites and serving as a gateway to the enchanting coral reefs of the Red Sea and the scenic Wadi Rum.

Must-see: Al-Ghandour Beach, Aqaba Church, Souks, Al-Hafayer Park, Aqaba Museum, Mamluk Castle and Scuba Diving In Red Sea

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8. Madaba

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In the historic city of Madaba, visitors can explore an abundance of ancient mosaics, showcasing intricate artwork from centuries past. St. George’s Church features the renowned Madaba Mosaic Map, offering a glimpse into the Holy Land during the Byzantine era. Madaba’s archaeological parks also boast impressive mosaics, including a geometric masterpiece from the Church of the Virgin Mary and stunning tile work depicting the four seasons and nature.

Must-see: St. George’s Church, Madaba’s Archaeological Park, Madaba Castle, Madaba Museum. and Church of the Virgin Mary

Jordan’s top tourist spots offer an enchanting journey through millennia of history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. Whether exploring the iconic rose-red city, embarking on an adventure in the majestic Wadi Mujib, or soaking in the coastal charm of Aqaba, Jordan captivates visitors with its diverse attractions and warm hospitality. 

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