Tourists Banned From Coming To Malshej Ghat Till July 31, 2019

by Mrunal Mahajan
Tourists Banned From Coming To Malshej Ghat Till July 31, 2019

Malshej Ghat which is a famous weekend destination for Mumbai and Punekars is currently shut down as a result of a major landslide in the recent past. In order to prevent any accidents in the future, the government has imposed a ban on tourist until 31st July. The landslide, fortunately, did not harm anyone and there were no casualties but it blocked part of a road. The roads to Malshej are very tricky and have sharp edges, this landslide has made it even more difficult to pass through those roads.

The Indian Metrological Department has set a landslide alert in the hilly regions of Sahyadri and also other weekend spots like Lonavala and Khandala for the next few weeks. The authorities take this decision to ensure the safety of the tourists and visitors the place is on shutdown.

Malshej Ghat

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According to reports, police officials will also be keeping a strict watch on the roads. They will be patrolling the area and will make sure that especially during weekends tourists do not go to this place.  These precautions are necessary and we appreciate the authorities taking them in due time.

All the tourists are warned to not come here as they will have to go back. Although visitors that have to cross the Malshej ghat in order to reach their destination will be allowed. These visitors will not be allowed to get out of their vehicle and indulge in any touristy activities. So hold back your plans for monsoon weekend and sit home, sip some hot coffee or hot chocolate of that is your thing and enjoy the weather from inside your weather!

Malshej Ghat
Image Credits: Around Pune

Referring to this development, an official said that around 35 police personnel will be patrolling the area around Malsej Ghat on weekends and holidays. The points marked by the MTDC will be under their watch, and some of the police personnel will not be in their official uniform to avoid identification!

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Stay safe Mumbai and Punekar, only go to destinations that you are absolutely sure about. Avoid treks or any adventure in the hilly regions. Now is your time to go back to some good old fashioned indoor games and have nostalgic conversations with your friends.