Floods In Washington DC: Mumbai Is Not The Only City Drowning

by Mrunal Mahajan
Floods In Washington DC: Mumbai Is Not The Only City Drowning

Mumbai is not the only city that is underwater, take a look at Washington DC floods and you will be amazed. Like our state, they too have waterlogged roads, overflooding rivers and stranded citizens in buses, cabs and trains. Washington DC is hit with heavy rains and flashing flood. Some prime locations like the White House were also drowning.

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Water has entered cabs, basements, and even entered homes in Washington DC. The storm that hit the city on Monday and these are the worst floods and rains that Washington has seen. It was recorded to be the heaviest rainfall. According to Washington Post’s report, 3.3 inches in a duration of an hour was measured. Severe floods poured about 3 billion gallons of water in Washington.

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After the downpour, a flash flood emergency was declared for the city for the very first time. The neighbouring areas like Alexandria and Arlington also experienced heavy rains. Take a look at this video which shows the terrible state of Washington DC and how insane it was!

Three billion gallons is a lot of rainfall in one day and it will probably be the worst rainfall recorded in their history. And even when there were floods in the past, many media houses believe that these floods were a result of climate change, some just don’t seem to agree with that idea.

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It is true that similar to Mumbai, Washington’s water management system is wrecked. The rainwater that entered the city was clogged because there was no proper system to treat/manage it.

Image Credits: Twitter

I don’t know how many more floods, downpour and rainfalls we must experience in order to understand that we need to stop deforestation, ban plastic and reduce our own carbon footprints.