Mumbai Rains: Dhanraj Only Travelled From CSMT To Sion In His Over-Night Journey

Mumbai Rains can be overwhelming, but this story tells how bad they can get. Dhanraj, a jeweller living in Jalgaon had come to Mumbai to attend his niece’s funeral along with his family was stranded all night.

If you are planning to go to an important event, the weather might have different plans for you.  Dhanraj & his family were stranded in Mumbai rains last Monday and they only managed to travel from CSMT to Sion.

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Along with his six family members, Dhanraj came to meet the family of the deceased. But by the time they reached Mumbai, the train was delayed and they could not make it to the funeral in the time. When Journalist Raju Shinde, from Mumbai Mirror, met him, he said, “It was raining and it did not make much sense to stay on in Mumbai so we decided to return to Jalgaon on Monday night itself.”


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It is very often that Mumbaikars get stranded in rains or are stuck in some train for hours, but it’s hard to imagine what it would be like for people coming from outside Mumbai and diving directly into this chaos. The Railways have not shown any signs of improvement over the years and I am guessing this would be the case in the coming years too. However, Dhanraj and his family decided to return by Amritsar Express the very same day they reached. The train departs from CSMT at 11:30 pm and the estimated time to reach Jalgoan was 6.15 the next morning.

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But as I mentioned, the weather always has different plans for you! Amritsar express was also late and there was no other option than to patiently wait. The family went to sleep thinking they would reach their hometown early morning! But to everyone’s surprise, the train had just moved from CSMT to Sion in the entire night.

They spent their entire night on a train which only moved a couple of miles. I am sure this was an unforgettable train ride for Dhanraj and his family!

Mrunal Mahajan
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