Mumbai Rain: Monday Monsoon Madness – Here’s How The City Is Drowning

The IMD report says heavy to very heavy rainfall likely to occur in some parts of Mumbai. And I thought its another morning, another rainy day in Mumbai, right? Wrong. I left my home armed with a raincoat and an umbrella. If only I knew the rain that fell was relentless and it would stop at nothing.

I set out determined to defy this monsoon and make it to the office like millions of you out there did too. Maybe we even met at the waterlogged horror that was Kurla Station? Who knows. Read on to get the latest monsoon updates from today so that you can keep yourself safe and help out others as much as can you too.

Current Status
Kurla station area and basically all the surrounding areas of Kurla like Vidyavihar, Kanjurmarg are dangerously submerged in water. NO autos are working. Even cabs have rainwater wading right in so no respite there too people. For the train schedule, keep an eye out on the Railways’ Twitter. Here is the latest word from them where officials are striving to keep them trains going:

Credits: Zee News

More bad news incoming. Another wall/floor collapse in Govandi this time which has lead to 8 people getting injured. They have been rushed to the hospital and are being tended to. We hope they are able to recover soon.

There is a make-you-want-to-kill-yourself traffic outside Mumbai’s domestic airport so we suggest you stay out of that area. King’s Circle, SV Road, Chembur, are all waterlogged again resulting in slow traffic. And the rains are to not stop until late at night.

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What You Should Do

If you haven’t ventured out then good on you, mate! Just make sure you have food stocked up as delivery services are also down and even heading down to that market only 10 minutes away from your house is a MISTAKE. Just make do with whatever you have and stay hydrated peeps.

Credits: Mid-day

And if you are one of the unlucky ones like me to have stepped out, make sure you find a dry place to take shelter at. Be it a Dhaba, a store, a mall, just go in and wait it out. Keep your electronics safe so that you can contact other people. Let your friends and family know your location. If you want to leave from your office before it gets worse, don’t act rashly and leave. Stay put for a while.

Think clearly and calmly. What would work best is to crash with a friend who lives nearby. That way you don’t have to travel and get stuck and you remain safe. Just like I’m taking my homie back with me tonight! Other’s who live close to your office like me, open up your homes to your work colleagues and make this Monday Monsoon Madness stop!

Credits: Hindustan Times

Note: Be wary of random wires in puddles people. Such mishaps are very common in Mumbai during rains and many people have lost their lives due to such carelessness on part of responsible authorities. No meeting, no presentation, no deadline is worth your life. So I would just advise that you stay put at your homes, nice and dry and SAFE. That way, you can also help out others and be more useful in the long run.

Madhusree Chatragadda
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