Train Food To Cost More As Indian Railways Increases Prices, Plans To Revamp Menu For 2020!

New Year’s Eve was great but, it’s time to start living in the new year now. Same old travels, new prices. This new decade began with a hike in prices across base facilities. When matters reach our plates, we really need to talk. The Indian Railways will be revising the price of food for 2020. The fare hike will be applicable for Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains. The Janta meal is exempt from price hike. It consists of 7 puris, dal aloo curry and pickle for ₹20.

What is it

The Railway Board announced an increase in the prices of meals onboard premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto in November 2019. The prices reflected in the ticketing system. The increased fares will come into effect in March 2020. Price revision has been done after 6 years. Improved variety, hygiene and overall quality have been listed as reasons for the hike. Menu revamp will bring regional snacks and delicacies to train booths. All the khakhras in the world wouldn’t be enough for a family of Gujaratis, right? You can now start your food journey in the train itself by opting for food that was born at your destination. Vegetarian biryani (₹80), egg biryani (₹90) and chicken biryani (₹100) are all part of the plan.

In first-class AC, tea will cost ₹35, up by ₹5; breakfast ₹140, up by ₹7; and lunch and dinner ₹245, up by ₹15.

In second class AC, third class AC and chair car, tea will cost ₹20, up by ₹5; breakfast ₹105, up by ₹8; and lunch and dinner ₹185, up by ₹10.

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What’s more

It was reported that the Railway ministry circular said that price hike has been implemented in consideration IRCTC’s requests. The new year has already given blows to the Indian people with a hike in LPG and rail services. The urban travel ticket prices also saw a fare hike on the last day of 2019.

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We can only hope that food price hike will be worth it. A change in the age-old menu will be nice. However, the crowd loves their breakfast cutlet because of how used to it we are. The morning tea and evening samosas are all too precious on precarious journeys by rail. Perhaps, that’s why à la carte orders will cease for meals but, continue for snacks. Let’s hope there will be some good news for the Indian economy in 2020!

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Vidisha Khaitan
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