Travel Without The Hassles Of Planning With Unpland

by Akriti Seth
Travel Without The Hassles Of Planning With Unpland

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Take a leap of faith and go on the most unforgettable trips across India with Unpland. To where you are headed is a surprise till the last moment.

What Is It?

Unpland designs trips across in the country. The catch with them is the fact you’re not going to know where you’re headed to until the last moment. You fill up a survey and they take care of your travel and accommodation while your destinations if a secret.

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What’s In It?

You select your trip category in their survey and fill travel details. They take charge of designing a customised trip for you while you pay for their services. You choose your date and time and you receive an email with details like what to pack and the weather at your destination. So you’re sorted there.
It’s only 24 hours before your departure when you come to know the exact destination name, travel & accommodation vouchers and curated recommendations for things to do at your destination during your stay in an envelope. Travel, accommodation and breakfast is covered in your trip cost.
What you see, where you go, what you do and eat is completely upto you. So you have all your freedom there. They only help you pick a destination. 

What Else?

You have a varied options to chose from: Budget trips, Couple retreat, Self drive trips, Luxury Travel or International Trips. All you have to do is provide them with basic trip details like number of days, budget and number of people.

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