Travellers, Note These 10 Solid Tips To Keep Your Data Safe On A Holiday

protecting data while travelling
by Mallika Khurana

Vacations are all about ditching the basic life and indulging in all the fun life offers. But if your personal data is compromised while you’re travelling, the fun might come to an abrupt end, wouldn’t it? Well, that is certainly something that can be prevented to a great extent. Travel and vacation planning may expose your personal information to risk due to errors made in packing, communicating while travelling, and posting on social media. So, to make sure nothing dampens your fun, follow these tips for protecting your data while travelling.

Tips For Protecting Your Data While Travelling

1. Use Trusted Websites

secure website

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The first step to ensuring safe travel is to make all bookings from trusted websites only. There are plenty of scams running online, and it is imperative for you to make sure you stay away from them.

2. Activate Password Protection


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It is always better to activate password protection on everything while you’re on vacation. This doesn’t just include locking your suitcase with a number lock but also locking all your digital devices, like your mobile and laptop, with passwords. This is one of the key steps for protecting your data while travelling.

3. Turn Off Bluetooth Connectivity


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We all miss turning off our Bluetooth after use, and it is not something to be careless about, especially when you’re travelling abroad. Every time you’re in a public place, make sure your Bluetooth is turned off and nobody gets the opportunity to connect with your device. If our device’s Bluetooth connectivity is left open, it will give people around you a chance to access it. 

4. Refrain From Connecting To Open Wifi Networks

protecting data while travelling

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This has to be one of the most important tips for protecting your data while travelling to another country. While you might be looking forward to connecting to Wi-Fi every chance you get and posting your stories on Instagram, you have to be conscious of which network you connect to. Refrain from connecting to a random open network at all costs and choose password-encrypted networks only.

5. Use VPN


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By employing a VPN, you may increase your security when using public Wi-Fi. You can encrypt the data you send and receive over public Wi-Fi by using a virtual private network (VPN), which establishes a secure ‘tunnel’. Almost any data you send or receive on a public network could be intercepted by hackers, including financial account information, passwords, and usernames. We certainly don’t want that, do we?

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6. Keep An Eye On Your Sensitive Accounts

sensitive accounts

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Get into the habit of monitoring your sensitive financial accounts before you leave the hotel for a day of sightseeing. Besides, check them out once you get home as well. The sooner you recognise the unusual or dishonest activity, the better. 

7. Keep Your Essentials In A Safe

protecting data while travelling

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For the purpose of protecting your data while travelling or priceless carryons when travelling, several hotel rooms offer safes. When not in use, smart devices like laptops, hard drives, or wearable electronics should be kept in a safe. Why risk their safety by carrying them with you?

8. Avoid Updating Your Social Media Every Moment

Social Media

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Why would you want to make it evident to the world that you’re not home while all your treasure is? Not a great idea, right? Sure, nobody expects you to refrain from posting on social media altogether, but keeping it on the down low is quite necessary for the safety of everything you left at home.

9. Try Not To Fixate On The Safety

protect your data while travelling

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Sure, being careful about your security as well as that of your belongings is a top priority. However, that cannot be all you think about during your holiday. You have stepped out of the house to have fun, and not worrying about it at every moment is also important.

10. Update All Your Passwords Before Travelling

Password Update

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One of the most crucial tips for protecting your data while travelling is to update your passwords. Especially if you are used to sticking to one password for everything, it is advisable to change them before travelling. Even while setting up new passwords, you must be focused on setting not-so-easy-to-hack passwords. 

We certainly hope these simple tricks will lead to a stress-free holiday for you.

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