Travellers, You Can Pre-Book & Park Your Cars For Upto 30 Days At Sharjah Airport

by Deeplata Garde
Travellers, You Can Pre-Book & Park Your Cars For Upto 30 Days At Sharjah Airport

In the Arab world, car parking is a big deal. Every day, a big number of drivers arrive at Sharjah Airport. The Sharjah Airport’s car parking spaces are totally outfitted with contemporary amenities to provide the ease of secure parking. But if you hate to hunt for a parking spot when you the airport parking lot, then just pre-book it. Yes, you can now pre-book & park your cars for upto 30 days at Sharjah airport.

Long-Term Parking At Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah Airport
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There are possibilities for both short-term and long-term parking at Sharjah Airport. You can either park your automobile at the Sharjah airport for a short amount of time or for a long period of time. It all depends on your demands. The time can vary between 24hrs to 30 days maximum. The price for long-term parking is AED 95/day.

Passengers must make a convenient payment method prior to exiting. The airport ensures that by easily accessible payment booths placed across all the parking lots. The parking lot has payment devices that enable several payment choices (credit card, cash, and NFC).
There is a 10-minute grace time after payment is made before you can leave the parking lot.  All parking lots will offer two hours of free parking to People of Determination. To verify such requests, kindly call the customer support number listed below.

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How To Pre-Book Parking Slot

Just visit the official website of Sharjah Airport. The page will show you a form where you need to fill in the enquired details. Fill in the category depending on your status i.e. departure, arrival or long-term parking. Follow it by specifying the date and timings. Finally, press on ‘Get A Quote’ and the page will redirect you to the detail slot with the best price available.

Car Parking Penalty

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Everyone working at the airport needs to act according to the decorum. They have to strictly abide by the policies implemented by the management of the airport. In addition to the parking price, you will have to pay a 200 AED fine if you misplace the parking ticket. Likewise to the parking cost, parking for longer than 30 days carries a fine of AED 2000.

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