Travelling With A Toddler? Here’s How To Pick The Right Hotel

by Vinita Jain
Travelling With A Toddler? Here’s How To Pick The Right Hotel

Booking a hotel for a vacation  when you are travelling with your kids can be quite challenging. They have unpredictable behavior, meltdowns, and tantrums, so travelling with them can be quite challenging. But don’t let a well-planned itinerary go out the window when your fellow travellers are toddlers. We’ve rounded up some tips to consider while booking the right hotel when you are travelling with your toddlers.

1. Choose A Centrally-Located Hotel

Look for hotels that are centrally located to main tourist attractions and even to public transportation. It might cost you more but it will be convenient for your baby’s comfort as they don’t need to drive for hours. And if the market is nearby, you can quickly collect some emergency essentials too for your baby.

2. Look For A Family Room/Suite

A family suite is more spacious as compared to the regular ones. Even though your toddlers are small, they need their own space. Look for a family room where a separate area is there, so your babies can sleep comfortably, crawl, and play with their toys. Also, pay attention if you’re carrying a baby cot or stroller with you there should be enough space to keep it.

3. Check For Baby Sitting Facilities

Look for hotels that offer babysitting services. Or look for an indoor play area for your toddlers which can engage them and meanwhile you can take a short break or relax for a while in the spa.

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4. Look For Babyproofing Hotel Rooms

Many hotels offer this facility, so don’t ignore it and look for hotels that have babyproofing rooms. Or ask the hotel staff if they can add plastic on the table corners, cover the electric sockets, seal windows, and temporarily cover the mini-refrigerators.

5. Check For A Kids Playground

Toddlers get cranky very soon. A kid’s playground with swings and slides is the best solution to keep them happy and cheerful. Try to find a hotel with a kid’s playground or if that’s not possible look for a hotel near a playground.

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6. Look For Covered Balconies

If your toddler has recently started walking do check if the hotel rooms have covered balconies or not. Balconies with sliding doors can also work for sure.

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