Travelling With Infants And Kids On Train Becomes Easier, IRCTC Comes Up With Changes

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Travelling With Infants And Kids On Train Becomes Easier, IRCTC Comes Up With Changes

We all know that travelling by train with infants and kids is not at all easy. One has to be extra careful when travelling with them so that they don’t hurt themselves. You also have to be extra mindful when carrying their stuff. Indian Railways has always come up with some or other development to make the lives of travellers easier. Looking at the situation, IRCTC has recently made some changes with respect to children’s journeys. 

New Changes By IRCTC For Children On Train

If you are travelling with a kid or infant on the train, here are some changes by the IRCTC that you should be aware of. 

Sometime ago, IRCTC came up with an initiative to help people travel with their kids. They had launched the Baby Berth facility as a trial on the train. Indian railways have undergone some changes recently. With the changes, a new design for the baby berth has been finalised. 

The best part about the new design is that it is safer and more comfortable than the previous one. 

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Second Trial In The Pipeline

IRCTC will soon launch the second trial of these child berths in the trains. The second trial will sport the new designs finalised after keeping the shortcomings of the previous one in mind. 

If this second trial succeeds, soon all the trains will have child berths. The most common issue faced by people travelling with kids has been that the woman and the child did not get enough space. This was the main reason why baby berths were introduced. 

Talking about the earlier design of the berth, it used to open towards the normal seats. This used to pose the threat of the luggage falling or the child getting injured. The new design has been designed in such a way that they are covered from above. Mothers can also breastfeed their children easily with this new design.  (As per DNA)

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