Try These 6 Dishes In Bhubaneswar To Experience The Odia Cuisine Supremacy

Odia dishes
by Sanmita A 193

Rich and flavourful, that’s how Odia cuisine defines itself to the visitors. The state of Odisha welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Be it the Jagannath Yatra or the scenic views in Odisha. Odia cuisine is also distinct for being offered at its temples and has, over the years, created a mark for being versatile and delicious. Be it Bhubaneswar or Cuttack, there are certain dishes you have to try & here’s a list.

Odia Dishes That Are A Must-Try


One of the famous Odia curries, the ghanta, is a dish with all the vegetables. It is a relished dish among the locals. And, if you are on vacation and wish to try something light and easy, ghanta is definitely going to be your go-to.


The Pakhala is a dish relished by most localities, especially during the summer months. It is also a favourite of the President of our country, Droupadi Murmu. Here’s how you can prepare this dish easily at home. And don’t really have to head out to savour this flavourful version of bhaat & curd.

Crab & Prawn Curry

Seafood is another dish in Odia cuisine, which will totally have your heart. If you love your prawns and can’t wait to gorge on some rich, flavourful versions of crab, then trying crab and prawn curry when in Odisha is a must. We are sure you’ll be mesmerised by the delectable curries and tender meat.

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Chenna Poda

This is one of the best sweet delicacies which Indians can boast of. From the texture to its sweetness, Chenna Poda is a sweet dish you will be addicted to. If you’re in Odisha, this delicacy is something that you would want to bring home with you. Below is a recipe by our favourite Chef, Ranveer Brar.


A super healthy dish from among the varied Odia dishes, this is a wholesome dish to be relished in your main course. It is usually found in almost all authentic Odia cuisine restaurants & you must try this assortment when in the city.

Mutton Alu Jhol

This is the Odisha-style mutton and potato curry that is finger-licking good. Prepped during occasions and functions, this is a delicacy you must try when trying traditional and authentic food in Odisha. The spices and its flavours stand out from the other mutton dishes found in other parts of the country. Below is the recipe.

So, which of these in Odia dishes are you willing to try out next?

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