Tunisia’s French Embassy To Expand Short-Stay Visa Appointment Availability Ahead Of Summer!

french embassy tunisia
by Shreya Rathod

With a rich history, the iconic Eiffel Tower and world-class wine, France is truly a beautiful country. And one of the travel destinations on everyone’s bucket list! Recently, the French Embassy in Tunisia announced that they are expanding their appointment availability for short-stay visas for Tunisians. Here are the details for this if you are planning to for a short stay in France!

Tunisia’s French Embassy To Extend Visa Appointment Availability

french embassy tunisia

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Ahead of the summer season, the French Embassy in Tunisia has declared its intention to increase the number of appointments available for short-stay visas. It will be expanded by up to 10,000 every month. Tunisia is the northernmost African country. In an interview with Tunis Afrique Presse, Dominique Mas, Consul General of France in Tunisia, shared the news of the country planning to provide additional visa appointments for people who plan to stay for a short period of time.

He further stated that around 1,050 additional appointments were granted to Tunisians in March. Also, he pointed out that another 1,000 appointments will be added in June, that is next month. He stated that July appointment times would be made available before the end of this month.

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A System To Combat Fraud

french embassy tunisia

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According to the Consul General of France, they have adopted a system to combat fraud. And to ensure the best possible way to process the applications. Soon, 1,000 more appointments will be added for June. Between the end of May and the start of June, appointment times for July (for short-stay visas) will be posted online. We will provide about 10,000 appointments every month.

While answering questions on the delay in the visa process, he revealed that since Tunisia’s French Embassy has changed its IT platform, the process is taking longer than expected. The relevant authorities, he pointed out, are rearranging their workload to handle the demand. He also stated that the consulate does not recommend the practice of making an appointment through intermediaries.

In addition to the previously mentioned measures, he stated that the French Embassy in Tunisia has set aside over 6,000 appointment slots for Tunisians who seek to continue their studies in France.

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They have made the application process simpler for them.

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