Turkey Halts Flights From India, Bangladesh, Nepal And 2 Other Countries Due To New COVID-19 Variants

by Gizel Menezes

New Covid-19 variants from India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa induced Turkey to halt flight and all direct travel from these above-mentioned countries. Travellers who visited these 6 countries in the last 14 days must show a negative Covid test report. Over 54 lakh people have been infected with the virus in Turkey. People visiting Turkey from other countries must show a Covid negative test taken 72 hours before entry and need to quarantine for 14 days.


Image Courtesy: Veem

Turkey To Introduce COVID-Free Certification For Tourist Hotspots

In its own initiative to ensure the safety of tourist sites, Turkey had planned to launch a certification system for coronavirus-free tourist areas and facilities across the country. Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Minister Nuri Ersoy had announced that after the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is over, certificates will be meted out ‘COVID-free’ tourist areas and businesses, where no contact with the virus had been detected and relevant hygiene and safety measures have been confirmed.

Speaking to the media, the Minister stated that the Tourism Ministry has been working with various other stakeholders to check on the guidelines and regulations for the certification system. He also mentioned that they are all are working in tandem to help tourism facilities get these certificates by the end of May.

The Tourism Minister is hopeful that domestic tourism resumes in June after the pandemic starts to move toward normalcy in mid-May.

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Image Courtesy: Tehran Times

Three Pillar-Certification System In Turkey

As per Ersoy, the certification system will include three pillars: transportation, facilities, and passengers. Transportation vehicles used for tourism will have to be regularly sanitized, while transportation personnel will undergo health checks and a pandemic training thereafter.

Under the second pillar, all facilities such as airports, restaurants, hotels, archaeological sites, and museums will be redecorated in par with social distancing norms. Thermal cameras will be put in place to detect symptoms of the virus, and health staff will be provided with the required equipment. The staff will also be given a COVID-free certificate to ensure there are no kinds of health risks involved.

Besides this, tourists will also be required to furnish health documents, as cited by international authorities.

Famous for its pristine Aegean beaches, Turkish baths, intricate mosques, markets, and historical sites dating back millennia, Turkey is visited by tens of millions around the world. In 2019, Istanbul, the cultural and historic capital of Turkey, and Antalya were at the top of the most visited destinations, hosting nearly 30 million tourists.

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