Turkish Kebab, İskender & Doner Among Top 50 Best Lamb Dishes; Check Out Our Indian Faves Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
Turkish Kebab, İskender & Doner Among Top 50 Best Lamb Dishes; Check Out Our Indian Faves Inside!

In a recent survey of the best lamb dishes from around the world, Turkish cuisine came out on top. It has cemented its reputation as a culinary powerhouse. From succulent lamb kebabs to hearty lamb stews, Turkish cooking truly has something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Turkish lamb dishes so special and why they continue to captivate foodies around the globe.

Turkish Dishes Ranks Atop The Survey Conducted For Best Lamb Dishes

Lamb Dishes
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Turkish culinary heritage boasts a rich tapestry of flavours, with a particular spotlight on lamb and mutton preparations. The venerable kebab takes centre stage, an emblematic lamb dish celebrated not only across Turkey but also beyond its borders.

In a recent culinary revelation, Taste Atlas unveiled its meticulously curated compilation titled ’50 Best Rated Lamb Dishes in the World’. Taste Atlas is a distinguished online guide dedicated to preserving traditional gastronomy. This exclusive index derives its authority from the collective opinions of global connoisseurs. It encapsulates their ratings and reviews. In a resounding testament to Turkey’s culinary prowess, the pinnacle of this prestigious list is adorned with Turkish kebab masterpieces. It firmly clinches three of the most coveted spots and beyond.

Leading this delectable symphony of flavours is the renowned İskender kebap, crowned with an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5. Following closely in its flavorful wake is the esteemed Cağ kebabı, a regional speciality originating from the picturesque Turkish city of Erzurum, securing a deserving second position. These culinary triumphs underscore Turkey’s tireless dedication to culinary artistry, weaving together tradition and innovation into every savoury bite.

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Some Indian Dishes Also Featured In The List

Lamb Dishes
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Among the 50 esteemed lamb dishes featured in the list, India proudly claims two entries, with Rogan Josh securing the 23rd position and Galouti Kebab asserting its excellence at the 26th spot.

Here’s The Full List Of 50 Dishes That Made It To The Rank board

  1. İskender Efendi
  2. Cağ kebabı
  3. Kabab torsh
  4. Khashlama
  5. Döner kebab
  6. Adana kebap
  7. Lagman
  8. Hünkar beğendi
  9. Païdakia
  10. Cordero Asado
  11. Ghormeh sabzi
  12. Tsigaristo
  13. Arrosticini
  14. Khoresh gheimeh
  15. Lechazo
  16. Hünkar beğendi
  17. Çöp şiş
  18. Kabab barg
  19. Kleftiko
  20. Arni me patates sto fourno
  21. Kabab loghmeh
  22. Kabab koobideh
  23. Rogan josh
  24. Pinnekjøtt
  25. Alinazik kebab
  26. Galouti kebab
  27. Beyti kebab
  28. Chakhchoukha
  29. Antikristo
  30. Chopan kabob
  31. Tanjia
  32. Stufat
  33. Dande kabab
  34. Shaki piti
  35. Cordero patagónico al asador
  36. Janjetina ispod peke
  37. Lyulya kebab
  38. Kabab chenjeh
  39. Buglama
  40. Roast leg of Lakeland Lamb
  41. Shepherd’s pie
  42. Irish stew
  43. Lancashire hotpot
  44. Seekh kabab
  45. Islim kebabı
  46. Kabuli pulao
  47. Cordero al palo
  48. Roast lamb with mint sauce
  49. Jingisukan
  50. Kadınbudu köfte

As we delve into the enchanting world of Turkish cuisine, these exceptional lamb dishes stand as cultural ambassadors, a testament to the nation’s culinary heritage cherished across continents.

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