Turkish Man Paraglides At Home While Watching TV & Munching On Chips; Video Goes Viral

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Turkish Man Paraglides At Home While Watching TV & Munching On Chips; Video Goes Viral

We all have passions in life, but this is truly one of a kind! You might of heard of people who love paragliding and another bunch who just love to stay home. But, have you ever come across someone who has combined the two? Paragliding from home- looks like the new addition to your adventure bucket list. On that note, Japan Asks Theme Park Visitors To Avoid Screaming On Roller Coasters.

Combining Passion & Profession

A Turkish man went paragliding along with his TV, and a pack of chips. A paragliding instructor and self-described “couch potato Hasan Kaval, 29, from Izmir, set social media abuzz with his new on-air stunt. Combining his two passions of being a paragliding instructor and a self-described couch potato Kaval enjoyed Turkey’s aerial view while sitting on his sofa and watching TV. Also check out the video of A UAE Minister’s Son Who Jumped Into Her Live International Zoom Call.

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Kaval shared the 4.25-minute clip, titled ‘Flying Coach Potato’ on his YouTube channel on July 2. The video instantly went viral instantly, garnering over 500,000 views. In the footage, Kaval is seen taking to the skies using a parachute attached to his couch, lamp and TV. In the video, Kaval appears remarkably relaxed, putting on his slippers, eating chips, enjoying a drink, and flicking between channels. However, he isn’t strapped to his sofa. “I wasn’t scared, my friends trusted me. It was fine”, Kaval told the media. Hasan captured the epic ride using a handheld and mounted camera. Also read this story of how a Pregnant UAE Woman Returned Safely From USA Amidst Covid 19 Chaos.

How Did The Viewers Respond?

Although the video garnered big views, the viewers left a mixed reaction. While some insisted the video needed a ‘do not try this’ disclaimer, a few others cried why he wasn’t strapped. Another viewer said the stunt was epic and much better than being towed behind a boat. On that note, in case you’re planning to travel, here are 7 Hacks To Have The Ultimate Vacation With Social Distancing.