Turkish Man Paraglides While Sleeping In Bed, Takes Nap Mid-Air

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1527

The Turkish man who garnered much attention after he paraglided with his sofa and a pack of chips does it again! This time, he became airborne while sitting on a bed. We’ll give you some time to sink it in! Meanwhile, Paragliding from home- looks like the new addition to our adventure bucket list- what say? If this wasn’t weird enough, read about the Dubai Residents Who Returned Home With AED 50,000 Bills After 105 Days In Maldives.

Hasan Kaval Paraglides While Sleeping In Bed

The Turkish man shared a video of his new adventure stunt on his personal YouTube channel. The video starts off with Kaval preparing for his flying adventure. This time, Hasan fearlessly carried his bed and night stand to the sky. The bed is attached to the parachute with the help of a harness. The set up also has two side tables, with a bed-side lamp as well as a tiny teddy bear, napping beside him.

Kaval shared the 4.5 minute video titled ‘Flying Bed’ on 16 September. The video instantly went viral instantly, garnering over 2.3 lakh views and about 7,800 likes. In the video, Kaval appears remarkably relaxed and even takes a nap mid-air. And this time again, he is not strapped to his bed.

How Did The Viewers Respond?

Although the video garnered big views, the viewers left a mixed reaction. While some insisted the video needed a ‘do not try this’ disclaimer, a few others cried why he wasn’t strapped. Another viewer said the stunt was epic and much better than being towed behind a boat.

“I’ve heard of ‘dreaming of flying’, but you took this to a whole another level!” wrote a YouTube user. “Meanwhile, pilot and passengers will go crazy looking at this man in the sky,” joked another. “Puts a whole new meaning on time flies when you’re asleep… love it,” wrote a third.

What do you feel about this stunt? Leave your reactions in the comments below.

Hasan Kaval Paraglided While Watching TV & Munching On Chips

Earlier, Hasan went paragliding along with his TV, and a pack of chips. A paragliding instructor and self-described “couch potato Hasan Kaval, 29, from Izmir, set social media abuzz with his new on-air stunt. Combining his two passions of being a paragliding instructor and a self-described couch potato Kaval enjoyed Turkey’s aerial view while sitting on his sofa and watching TV.

Kaval shared the 4.25-minute clip, titled ‘Flying Coach Potato’ on his YouTube channel on July 2. The video instantly went viral instantly, garnering over 500,000 views. In the footage, Kaval is seen taking to the skies using a parachute attached to his couch, lamp and TV. In the video, Kaval appears remarkably relaxed, putting on his slippers, eating chips, enjoying a drink, and flicking between channels. However, he isn’t strapped to his sofa. “I wasn’t scared, my friends trusted me. It was fine”, Kaval told the media. Hasan captured the epic ride using a handheld and mounted camera.

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