Twitter Feels Mayo And Cheese Are Spoiling Indian Street Foods And We Could Not Agree More!

by Vinita Jain
Twitter Feels Mayo And Cheese Are Spoiling Indian Street Foods And We Could Not Agree More!

Gol gape to aloo tikki, bhelpuri, to kachori, chole Bhature, to pav bhaji, the love for street food is undying. But, nowadays a weird trend has been started, to put an excessive amount of cheese and mayo in every other street food item. The street food vendors feel adding cheese, butter, mayonnaise will enhance the flavor and deliciousness of the recipe. But instead of enhancing the taste and flavors, it ruins the original taste of that particular dish.

Mayonnaise And Cheese Are Ruining The Authentic Taste Of Indian Street Food

Recently a tweet about the same went viral. Balsher Singh Sidhu expressed his emotions about the same via Twitter. He wrote that the Indian street food scene is ruined by excessive mayonnaise and shredded cheese. World’s largest macaroni and cheese dish weighs 2151 kg and creates a record

Balsher even raised the question that is adding cheese and mayonnaise in every street food dish is yumm or not!! However, opinions about this feature may vary among street food fans. But, a large number of people agreed with him. Cheese and mayonnaise do ruin the authentic flavors of street food. Yes, it’s true that youngsters are fascinated with cheese, but isn’t street food tend to be spicy, flavorful, fiery, and tangy in taste? The cheese and mayonnaise change the authentic taste and lowers the spice level.

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The Majority Number Of People Had A Similar Opinion

The tweet received 2.6k retweets, 21.5k likes, and several comments too. Most of the comments stated that this is a popular opinion. Take a look at some of the popular opinions.

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