Two Foreign Tourists Deboarded For Misbehaving With Flight Attendant On Go First Delhi-Goa Flight

by Shreya Rathod
Two Foreign Tourists Deboarded For Misbehaving With Flight Attendant On Go First Delhi-Goa Flight

Flight passengers are constantly in the limelight for their inappropriate and unethical behaviour. After the recent case of a drunk man peeing on an elderly lady, two foreign passengers were caught misbehaving with a flight attendant. This incident on the Go First flight will leave you in shock and disgust. The tourists abused and used vulgar language with a flight attendant and overstepped their boundaries. Take a look at what happened on this flight.

Go First Airline Passengers Deboarded

go first
Credits: Wikimedia

On the 5th of January, a Go First flight from New Delhi deported two foreign tourists after landing at the new airport in Goa, as confirmed by the airline authorities. According to their statement, the flight attendant was giving an overwing briefing to passengers. During this, two foreigners started abusing and making fun of the flight attendant. Also, they used offensive language and spoke obscenely. They insisted that one of them (flight attendants) should sit with him.

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Even after hearing this, the flight crew politely informed them to not use such language and to maintain decency. However, they ignored these suggestions and continued their indecent behaviour. Other passengers were uncomfortable and offended, and the crew had to offload these passengers. The decision taken was in the interest of passengers’ safety. The foreigners were allegedly high, and this matter is reported to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Not The First, Is It?

This isn’t the first incident where people have misbehaved on a flight. On an IndiGo flight, there was a heated debate between a crew member and a passenger where she said that she is an employee and not a servant. The inhuman treatment of crew members by passengers is a matter of concern. Besides, the pressure and priority of giving the best service to their customers often overlook the horrible treatment of crew members.

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And how can we forget the peeing incident? Interestingly, in both cases, offenders were intoxicated. However, that is not an excuse for such behaviour where the dignity of another person is under threat.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia