Another Flight Fiasco: Shirtless Man Seen Punching Passenger Mid-Air On Biman Bangladesh Flight 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Another Flight Fiasco: Shirtless Man Seen Punching Passenger Mid-Air On Biman Bangladesh Flight 

The biggest problem in this day and age is not climate change or plastic pollution. It seems to be the utter lack of flight etiquette. Amid the recent Air India pee-gate scandal blaring every TV screen and social media handle in the country, there seems to be yet another flight fiasco. This time, a shirtless man is seen punching his co-passenger in mid-air on the Biman Bangladesh flight. Here’s more about it.

Physical Altercation Between Passengers On Biman Bangladesh Flight Takes Over Internet

The national carrier of Bangladesh, Biman Bangladesh, witnessed an incident of unruly passengers. A viral video shows a shirtless passenger who seems to be in his 20s getting into a heated, violent fight with his co-passenger. The shirtless man is standing, holding his seated co-passenger’s collar and throwing punches at him. Fellow passengers try to spot this fight but to no avail. The passenger, wearing a white shirt, blocks his punches and also hits him back.

Fellow passengers at Biman Bangladesh try to separate the two passengers and stop the shirtless man from punching the seated co-passenger. All hell broke lose on the airline. Flyers asked people seated around the two passengers to stop the fight. Passengers tried to intervene to break this fight. The shirtless man seemed to be extremely angry and also upset. He also appeared to be crying. The video ends with flyers holding the upset, shirtless passenger.

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Earlier, Passengers Fought Aggressively On Thai Smile Airways

This entire incident happened on Biman Bangladesh Boeing 777 flight. The route of the flight, date and time of this incident remains unknown. Earlier this week, another video did the rounds on the Internet regarding a passenger brawl. A Thai Smile Airways flight flying from Bangkok to Kolkata showed two passengers getting into a physical altercation. Within no time this ended up being a group fight mid-air. Co-passengers and the crew tried to pacify the passengers. The air hostess even ran to inform the captain and call for help.

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These incidents like the one in the Biman Bangladesh flight, are in extremely poor taste. The lack of flight etiquette displayed is just appalling. We hope airlines take strict action against such passengers so it dissuades others from engaging in such questionable behaviour on flights.

Cover Image Courtesy: Biman Bangladesh/ Website and @Bitanko_Biswas/ Twitter