This US Flight Offers You Free Wi-Fi Aboard Domestic Flights From Feb 1

by Sanjana Shenoy
This US Flight Offers You Free Wi-Fi Aboard Domestic Flights From Feb 1

How do you spend time on flights? Do you watch downloaded content on your phone, listen to music, catch up on reading or sleep peacefully? Well, perhaps, you miss scrolling through Insta or spending time online. That’s where Delta is here to change the game. Delta will soon be one of the first flights in the USA to offer free Wi-Fi aboard domestic flights from February 1. Read on to know more.

Delta To Offer Free Wi-Fi On Flights Within USA

Delta is all set to be one of the Big 4 US airlines to provide free Wi-Fi to its passengers. Currently, American, Southwest and United airlines provide the same. Passengers can expect free Wi-Fi on 700 aircraft by the end of this year. Moreover, by the end of 2023, they can also use get internet free of cost aboard Delta’s international flights as well. The free Wi-Fi will let the airline offer a personalised entertainment experience to its patrons. This is Delta Sync.

Free Wi-Fi
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SkyMiles members can unhesitatingly use Delta Sync. Apart from using the free Wi-Fi for your content needs you can also use it for Delta Sync. Here, you can use the airline’s in-flight entertainment system with content recommendations that appeal to you. It’s just like watching your favourite show on a smart TV at your home.

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Delta Sync To Offer Deals, In-House Content & More

But it’s mid-air and exciting! Also, passengers flying Delta can avail of exclusive deals on consumer brands and even get deals on food and beverages offered in first class. There are also real-time flight notifications which you can get all thanks to the free internet.

Free Wi-Fi
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Currently, the airline charges users around $50 (₹4132) for Wi-Fi on its flights flying within North America. When it comes to international flights, it charges $70 (₹5785) But, starting February 1 you can take a domestic flight across the US on Delta and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. But you first need to enter your SkyMiles number to avail of the free Wi-Fi. And when it comes to international flights, Delta will provide free Wi-Fi by the end of 2024. Isn’t that amazing?

Are you waiting for this amenity on Indian flights as well?

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