UAE: Here’s How You Apply For Your E-Scooter Permit

by Deeplata Garde
UAE: Here’s How You Apply For Your E-Scooter Permit

According to the new rule, all e-scooter riders will need an official permit and riders will need to take a training course and online test for the same. You will now need a driving license to ride an e-scooter in Dubai.

Who Needs This Permit ?

People who want to drive electric scooter in Dubai need to own this permit. But individuals with driving license of the country can skip getting this permit. Also if you plan on not riding this scooter or the roads and sticking up to the designated sidewalks, then you don’t really need the permit. The permit comes for free and is a mandatory document for all the residents and tourists visiting the region thinking to ride the E-scooter. The use of this electric vehicle come with an age criteria. Only individuals aged 16 years above can drive this electric scooter.

When And How Can I Apply For This Permit?

RTA announced that people can star applying for this permit from Thursday, April 28th. Everyone who requires this license can apply on platforms curated by RTA specifically for E-scooter permit. Applying for this permit isn’t like filling up some form and getting away with it. You need to pass an online training courses which have technical knowledge regarding the vehicle. It will also teach you about the dedicated zones and traffic signals for the vehicle.

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Parking Penalties For E-Scooter

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority has announced a fine of AED200 on riders who park their e-scooter outside of permitted spots. Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed shared in a statement that speed limits for cyclists on roads have been set to 60 km/h. The new rules will increase the overall safety of the riders and road users.

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