Rent Electric Scooters In The UAE Through Qwikly

by Jui Nikita
Rent Electric Scooters In The UAE Through Qwikly

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Dubai now has an ideal replacement for cars. Electric Scooters are the new eco-friendly fad which has hassle-free parking, is easy to use and great fun to ride.

How To Rent One?

The urban micro-mobile mode of transport is not only a part of green living but they are also affordable for the daily commute. First, you need to download the Qwikly App. The App will reveal the nearest available scooters. Scan the QR code to unlock the scooter you want. Then stand on it, push the throttle button, and zoom off! It is recommended to use bike lanes where available & once you’ve finished riding, park your scooter by a bike rack or on wide sidewalks close to the curb. End your ride by tapping the button with the app.

Don’t worry about what gear to ride in, put on your best suit if you like or ride around in your favorite dress or abaya.

credits: Qwikly facebook

What Does It Cost?

To start off you will need AED 3 to unlock the bike. You will then be charged 50 fils per minute thereafter, with additional fees based on the length in time of your trip. Once you register for the Qwikly app, you’ll need to connect a credit/debit card to your account, which bills you every time you complete a ride. You must have a government issued ID, and be over 18 years of age. To operate the scooter you will need to scan your valid driver’s license.

Download the app from