UAE Permits More Than 3 People From The Same Family To Travel Together In The Car

by Angel Merchant
UAE Permits More Than 3 People From The Same Family To Travel Together In The Car

With more and more Covid 19 restrictions easing up, the promise of leading normal lives again is that much closer. Families can now finally enjoy a nice time out together, leaving no one behind! Previously, more than three individuals could not be seated together in the car. Now, the rule has been lifted, and any number of people can drive around town, provided they are from the same family. During the restriction period, a fine of AED 1000 was issued to anyone violating the 3 person limit rule. However, the Abu Dhabi police have now confirmed, this is no longer applicable.

Many families consisting of a large number of individuals, as is the common practice amongst many local residents, are now rejoicing. Some families have not left their homes for the past 2 to 3 months. Other residents are also making merry as the easing of restrictions can only mean that the situation is improving. The hope of normalcy is spreading optimism across the country! The 3 person limit ruling still applies to all public transport, such as taxi’s, uber’s, etc. The limit will continue to be strictly imposed for any motorists transporting passengers. Family members don’t need to fret and are free to roam around.

It is important to remember that while total lockdown has been lifted, and restrictions are being eased, there is still a strict curfew set. Residents are required to stay home from 10 pm to 6 am every day, and can only move around with a permit. The Abu Dhabi police have also confirmed that the lifting of this rule applies to all emirates in the country. It is important to note if the members in the car are not first degree relatives, the rule still applies, and an AED 1000 will be issued.

What Else?

In addition to that, driving institutes have also been opened for all. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authorities have permitted driving institutes to begin operating under strict Covid 19 guidelines. Initially, all driving schools had been suspended from any kind of operation, as part of Covid 19 safety measures. Now, they have reopened since April 30, but will only be permitted to operate with strict adherence to a set of rules. Below is the set of rules all driving institutes must follow in order to ensure safety measures.

1. Use separate entry and exit doors

2. Provide remote temperature thermometer devices and avoid using ear thermometers

3. Provide sterilization materials and devices in different places in the institute

4. Ensure disinfection of chairs and door handles

5. Ensure sterilizing of testing areas and training vehicles after every use

6. Stop cash payment and ensure the use of e-payment for all types of transactions

7. Ensure visits/ appointment through SMS or social media accounts

8- Monitor the visitors’ temperature before entering the institute.

9. All visitors and staff must wear masks

0. Not to allow children (3-12) or individuals over 60 years of age to enter for their safety

11. The number of employees shall not exceed 30% of the total capacity of employees.

12. Encourage customers to pay through smart payment channels.

13. Reduce the number of students in the assessment vehicle test to one student for each appointment

14. Encourage attending e-theoretical lectures

15. Instructors (Male & Female) above 60 years and pregnant women are not to be allowed to work

16. Commitment to the social distance of employees and customers by no less than 2 meters

17. Never remove the masks, and make sure to wear them at all times during work and during training and tests.