UAE Suspends Flights To Baghdad Due To Security Concerns

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Suspends Flights To Baghdad Due To Security Concerns

Travel to Iraq and Iran has always been in talks. And here we are again, with officials making a high alert for travellers planning a trip that side. UAE has confirmed to suspend flights to Baghdad. There have been specific security concerns regarding the region. The circular went viral with immediate effect, and officials cancelled the flights on August 30 2022.

Kuwait Advises To Exit Country And Cancel Trips To Baghdad

All this chaos started due to this reason. It comes after Muqtada Al Sadr, an Iraqi cleric, declared on Monday that he was leaving politics. Twelve people lost their lives when thousands of his supporters stormed the Iraqi capitol building. Four missiles that landed in the heavily protected Green Zone on Tuesday caused damage to homes.


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The news of curfew implications in the region is in the air. Customers are informed that Emirates flights to and from Baghdad have been suspended due to reports of civil disturbance and curfews in Iraq. The airline confirmed the news on its website on August 30.\

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As the turmoil persisted on Tuesday, official business hours, the officials changed the routine. Iraqi flights suspended their motion on Tuesday, and Iran shut its land borders with the nation. The Kuwaiti embassy in Iraq advised its residents to leave the country immediately.

Ticket Refund Details

Emirates and FlyDubai have confirmed their flight cancellations to  Iraq. For information on rebooking alternatives, affected passengers are encouraged to contact their local Emirates Call Center or travel agency. The Kuwaiti Embassy in Baghdad has asked individuals currently in Iraq to call its emergency line at 0096407802604123.

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