UAE To Witness Launch Of Eco-Friendly Cutlery That Can Be Consumed After Use! Check Out Deet’s

by Deeplata Garde
UAE To Witness Launch Of Eco-Friendly Cutlery That Can Be Consumed After Use! Check Out Deet’s

What is the ideal way to support sustainable development in UAE? This woman has provided us with one of the best ways to reduce plastic waste. Eat your way through the journey of reducing plastic waste in UAE by consuming your cutlery post-use. No jokes here, just a woman promoting sustainable options in the yummiest way possible! Welcome, ‘Eatlery’ your eco-friendly cutlery in the UAE region.

Eatlery Is The New Cutlery In UAE

A business in the UAE has created edible cutlery as a novel alternative to a non-sustainable practice. Eatlery is the brainchild of the CEO of Green Aura, Pooja Ravinath.

For those who lick their spoons, this is the best possible news! You can now eat with the spoon and then go on to consume the spoon itself. Just good taste, no waste! And you might see this range of cutlery in renowned airlines of UAE as the CEO has been in talks with Emirates and other airways.

Talking about waste, the company has given this concept a lot of thought. Even if you don’t like the edible spoons, you can throw them away and still contribute to the ecosystem. The material used to make these spoons will decompose within 30 days. The spoons are sturdy enough to not drop when used for curries or any other wet food items. The material used is competent to give you an eating time of 30 mins doesn’t matter if the food is cold or hot. It also ensures the food taste doesn’t get hampered.

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Sweet Or Salty, Choose Cutlery Of Your Own Choice Of Flavour

The UAE market received the initial batch of this Eatlery 3 months ago. The available options are two sizes ‘sweet’ spoon, a salty large spoon, a small ketchup-flavoured chip fork, and a large chocolate-flavoured spoon. They also have a sweet stirrer launched in the market.

Eatlery uses all-natural ingredients to make its spoons. The ingredients are Cereal grains. The sweet ones get their taste from date extract and brown sugar and the other spoons get their flavours according to components.

Will you give this au-naturale cutlery try?

Cover Image Courtesy: GreenAura