UAE Weather: Humidity Hits 95% In Dubai, Abu Dhabi Today

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Weather: Humidity Hits 95% In Dubai, Abu Dhabi Today

If you thought winter was fast approaching, you might want to re-think. According to weather reports, UAE will experience a high humidity of 95% today. That said, weather in the UAE will remain partly cloudy today. And that’s not all! Residents will also experience dense fog, along with increased humidity levels. The National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) has also issued a warning to  motorists.

What’s It?

Do you see layers of water on your window every morning? Well, if you though that was dew, you might be wrong. It is the humidity soaring and its only going to get worse. Humidity levels in the UAE has reached 95% today (16 September). Dubai, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain will experience a humidity of 95% while Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah will be subjected to 90% humidity. The weather is reported to be slightly cooler in Fujairah, with humidity at 80%.

The weather bureau also reported that thick layers of fog will continue to engulf the city until Saturday. Motorists are warned to be extra cautious as visibility levels are expected to reduce to less than 1,000 meters.

Here’s the temperature chart for UAE:

Dubai-  41°C (high),  29°C (low)
Abu Dhabi- 42°C (high),  28°C (low)
Sharjah – 41°C (high) , 28°C (low)
Abu Dhabi- 42°C (high), 28°C (low)

The NCM, has also released a weather forecast report for the coming days:

Credits: Khaleej Times