UAE Will Not Suspend Mobile Services For Expired IDs

by Angel Merchant
UAE Will Not Suspend Mobile Services For Expired IDs

Those of you who have mobile subscriptions do not need to fret if your ID expires. The subscription and mobile phone connection will continue as normal. The UAE has declared that they will not be disrupting mobile subscriptions in case your ID expires anytime soon. The subscriptions include phone calling and internet services.

Normally, the expiring of your emirates ID, results in an immediate halt of your mobile phone subscriptions. However, in light of the potential difficulty in renewing Emirates ID’s, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), have declared a new law. They have asked all service providers not to disrupt any mobile phone subscriptions, due to the expiry of supporting documents. This is including the Emirates ID cards.

The TRA have also announced that customers don’t have to visit service centres in order for any renewals, just for the time being. If the process is available online, they can go ahead and renew from home, or just keep the expired document for now. The temporary exemption is due to the limitations set by the virus.

This is also part of the #stayhome initiative by the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (UAETRA).

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What Else?

Starting Sunday 29 March, all federal bodies in the UAE will work from home. This applies to most of the public sector. The step is taken in order to mitigate the risks of the Coronavirus. Only a mere 30 percent of the work will be allowed from the workspace. The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) declared the rule involves all federal institutions, ministries, and authorities. Each of these entities, by law, must provide their staff with the adequate resources in order to be able to work remotely from their homes. This is yet another measure taken by the government of the United Arab Emirates, towards the prevention of the spread of Covid 19.

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