Covid 19: UAE Residents To Join Hands To Applaud Medical Staff From Their Balconies

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Covid 19: UAE Residents To Join Hands To Applaud Medical Staff From Their Balconies

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In case you missed the opportunity to clap and applaud the doctors and the medical staff for their tireless support, you have another chance. The Dubai Expat Community Facebook Group seeks to get a second group applause going at 8pm on Wednesday, March 25. Although the streets of UAE remained quiet, residents took to their balconies on 21 March to clap and cheer in appreciation of the medical staff working across the globe.

“It’s time for all UAE residents to applaud all doctors and medical staff for their tireless efforts in these critical times,” a post being shared on social media reads.

[On] Wednesday, March 25 at 8pm, from your balconies or windows. Let’s be united in showing them our support.”

Lorenza Gazzola, one of the organizers of the community-wide applause and a Dubai resident from the North of Italy quoted to The National: “In North Italy people started showing up spontaneously on their balconies and windows, from their quarantine. People in their homes started a flash mob: unplanned, spontaneous applause from their balconies to show support, to send encouragement even when far from hospitals. To send medical professionals a positive wave, and especially to feel united in these struggling times.”

She further added that the UAE applause might be on a much smaller scale, but the gesture will be proof that we are in this together and we can fight it.