Uber Driver Puts “Romance Not Allowed” Board In Cab After Delhi Metro PDA Scene  

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Technology has made our lives so easy! If you want to go from one place to another, all you have to do is take your phone, book a cab, share the OTP, and relax as the cab takes you to your destination. Some cab drivers might come up with some requests for you, but this Uber driver in Delhi had a very different request. He had put up a ‘romance not allowed’ board. 

Uber Driver Puts “Romance Not Allowed” Board

In a very hilarious incident, an Uber driver in Delhi put up a very unusual board inside his cab. The unusual board reads, ‘Romance Not Allowed in This Cab’. In a viral video shared by @theguywithbeard this board can be clearly seen. 

The video begins with Akansh (@theguywithbeard) showing this board, which is stuck on the passenger seat’s back. After reading this board, Akansh very randomly says that he is glad he did not bring his girlfriend in the cab. He called it the aftermath of the Delhi Metro kissing scene that went viral on the internet. 

Just as he completed his sentence, the cab driver very promptly asked Akansh if he had a girlfriend. His prompt answer left Akansh emotionally hurt, and his friend laughs at this. 


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Emotional Damage On Another Level

This video posted by @theguywithbeard went viral in no time and has by far reached 2.1 million views. It has received more than two lakh, seventy-two thousand likes so far. Netizens could not stop themselves from posting comments and reacting to this hilarious video. 

Many people sympathised with Akansh as the cab driver badly judged him! One netizen wrote that this made the driver hopeful for a relationship. Others spoke about his prompt answer and how it emotionally damaged Akansh. Another one asked Modi ji to come up with a new state for all the single people. 

A few days ago, a video went viral showing a couple kissing in the Delhi metro. People spoke about how this is unacceptable in India. 

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