Uber Driver Sends Unsolicited ‘Want To Do Friendship’ Msgs To Woman, Netizens Raise Safety Concerns

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Uber Driver Sends Unsolicited ‘Want To Do Friendship’ Msgs To Woman, Netizens Raise Safety Concerns

With mobile apps like Uber and Ola, life for people who commute to distant places or return late at night, especially women, has become easy. They can anytime simply call for a cab to their desired destination and relax in the car as the driver safely takes them to the destination. But are these rides safe for women? A similar concern is being raised as a woman receives unsolicited “want to do friendship” messages from an Uber driver.

Uber Driver Sends Unsolicited ‘Want To Do Friendship’ Msgs

You all might know that Uber drivers have access to your mobile number to let you know about the trip or to confirm your location when you book a cab. But some Uber drivers tend to misuse this access to information. 

In a recent incident, a woman named Bhumika was prey to this misuse of information by an Uber driver. The woman, who is a content creator and a homeopathy doctor, took this incident to X (formerly known as Twitter) and shared it with everyone. 

According to her post, she witnessed an absolutely distressing incident as an Uber driver was sending her unsolicited messages. She addressed this post to Uber, sharing the incident that she had to face because of one of their hired drivers. 

Talking about the incident, the woman shared two screenshots from the chat between her and the driver. The driver sent her a “Hi” and asked her if she remembered him. Then he said, “Mai friendship karna chahta hu aapse,” which means “I want to be your friend” in English.

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Top Priority

In her long post, the woman has mentioned how these messages from the driver have left her feeling super uncomfortable. At the same time, they have also raised serious security and safety concerns.

She mentioned that she always believed that Uber as a platform is where customers, especially women, can trust the drivers. But after this incident, she said that her trust was shaken. The woman was concerned about the female passengers who rely on such services for transportation. 

The woman requested that Uber take decisive and immediate action against this and also identify the driver. She asked them to make sure that such incidents are not repeated in the future. Safety and security of passengers must be Uber’s top priority, she said. 

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X Users Raised Concerns

The post by @Bhumika on X (formerly known as Twitter) went viral in no time. It has by far received over 387.5K views on the platform. Many people commented on the post, raising concerns about the safety of female passengers. 

Many of these netizens advised the woman to go and lodge a complaint against this at the police station. The woman said that she was awaiting Uber’s response. 

Uber responded to her tweet as it went viral and caught the attention of the company. They apologised for the trouble she caused and asked her to share her ride details with them for further investigation. 

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