The Ultimate Card Party Checklist For Diwali

by Priyanka Chakrabarti
The Ultimate Card Party Checklist For Diwali

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Planning on throwing a card party this festive season? We bet you’d be delighted to keep a checklist handy. Here’s all you need to keep the night bright & young.

1. Festive Decor

When it comes to festive décor, especially when you are having people over for a tash night – trust us, comfort is primary. Also, style is what you need to jazz up your home! The greatest element should be comfy and vibrant cushions! Yes, and lots of them please. Get some gotta patti work cushion covers, or perhaps mirror work ones. Moreover, do choose bright colours like magenta, rani pink and dark oranges. Also, zari border ones will amp up the décor of your space! Moving on, create a low seating area and deck up corners of your drawing room with candles, diyas, cute festive latkans and fresh marigold flowers. Now, for flowers, let them float on a nice silver vessel or perhaps get some strings of flowers and hang them near the balcony door. Also, velvet is so in!

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Diwali Decor Ideas
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2. Poker Time

Well, you cannot have a tash party without a pack of chic cards! Now, if you are inviting over twenty people, please remember to get 2-3 packs of cards. You can easily get cards at a local stationery store. However, if you are feeling too indulgent this festive season, go for an entire poker set! Also, these are easily available online.

Poker Nights
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3. Eat, Drink, Repeat

Snacks, mocktails and beer are a sheer necessity during card party nights. And we bet, you want to be the perfect host. Now, stock your fridge with beer pints and get some fun and easy-to-make chakhnas ready. That’s right, we are saying chilli cheese toasties, makhana chaat, Wai Wai noodle chaat, kala chana fried with chillies and tomatoes, fresh veggies with hummus, bread pizzas, chicken seekh kebabs, egg pakodas and more. Also, for non-alcoholic beverages, make your own ginger fizz at home. All you need is some ginger-ale, lemon, ice and sliced ginger!

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Diwali Party Snacks
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4. Sheesha Forever

Your card party will stay incomplete without a nice hookah! There is something so soothing and relaxing about smoking flavoured hookah. Get some nice festive flavours like paan for your friends and take the ‘best host’ trophy for the night!

Hookah For Card Parties
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