Umrah Packages Witness 25% Rate Drop During Summer; Pilgrims Prefer September Bookings Due To Weather

Cool deals for a hot pilgrimage season.

by Deeplata Garde
Umrah Packages Witness 25% Rate Drop During Summer; Pilgrims Prefer September Bookings Due To Weather

With the Hajj season concluded, the Umrah season has resumed, bringing a pleasant surprise for pilgrims: discounted packages. Due to lower demand and soaring summer temperatures, Umrah packages are now nearly 25% cheaper than during the cooler months.

The Resumed Umrah Season and Lower Rates Of Packages

Currently, a four-day Umrah package by air starts at AED 2,500, while bus packages begin at AED 1,100. During the cooler months, these prices jump to AED 3,200 by air and AED 1,600 by bus. The final ten days of Ramadan saw prices skyrocket to AED 6,000 by air and AED 2,500 by bus. Some agents, however, maintain their high prices, citing enhanced facilities such as better food and accommodations closer to the place of worship.

Temporary Suspension Of Umrah To Accommodate Hajj Pilgrims

Authorities temporarily halted the Umrah pilgrimage from May 23 to June 6 to accommodate Hajj pilgrims. This year, 1,301 pilgrims tragically died due to intense heat during Hajj. The severe heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 50℃, and prolonged exposure without adequate shelter or rest contributed to these fatalities.

Some UAE residents have opted to postpone their Umrah pilgrimage to September, hoping for cooler temperatures. Agents attribute the reduced prices to the sweltering summer heat, which has deterred many pilgrims.

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New Visa Requirements & Expanded Travel Options

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has started issuing visas for Umrah, with pilgrims needing to pay an additional AED 200 for a single-entry visa. The new Umrah season will coincide with the month of Muharram 1445 AH, starting on July 19. Pilgrims can now apply for electronic visas through the Nusuk application, streamlining the process.

In a significant change, UAE residents can now travel to any airport in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Previously, access was restricted to only four airports before the Hajj season. This expansion provides greater flexibility and convenience for pilgrims planning their journeys.

This summer offers a unique opportunity for those wishing to perform Umrah at a fraction of the usual cost. With the resumed season, reduced prices, and expanded travel options, now might be the perfect time for pilgrims to embark on this spiritual journey. So, if you can brave the heat, pack your bags and take advantage of these cool deals for a hot pilgrimage!

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