Under 60 Seconds: Travel Insurance At Indian Airports

by Anvi Doshi
Under 60 Seconds: Travel Insurance At Indian Airports

What Is Travel Insurance And Why Do You Need It?

Travel insurance is a safeguard against anything that could go awry while you travel out of the country. Right from lost luggage to a medical emergency this type of insurance is that much needed financial comfort when you’re on your own in a new place with new people. It even protects you from flight cancellations and the very much dreaded, lost passport scenario.

While all of these may seem to be far fetched scenarios, they are in fact regular occurrences when one travels on a frequent basis. Even if you are a seasonal traveler, scoring travel insurance is essential because you may never know when you may need it.

Purchase Travel Insurance Under 60 Seconds

The good news is that investing in travel insurance is now a hassle-free activity. No hour-long ques and no set of forms to be filled. You can actually enroll for your travel insurance within 60 seconds from the airport, even after you’ve checked in!

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Reliance General Insurance is the face behind this new development. The NFC (Near Field Communication) signal enables your smartphone to buy travel insurance once you’ve tapped into the server. The process is a simple ‘Tap and Buy’ model and doesn’t take more than a minute to accomplish. It’s as easy and as simple as that. Currently, this service is available at the Delhi International Airport with over 46 screens installed for the same purpose.

This service works for all smartphones above the 4.0 software version and even the iPhone X.