Go Scoot With The Sharks Underwater

by Sneha Pai
Go Scoot With The Sharks Underwater

Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Bali, Melbourne or Mauritius to ride a scooter underwater. Just take a flight to Dubai and go scoot with the sharks underwater!

underwater shark scooter for two

What Is It?

Did you know you can ride a scooter underwater?! After cage diving with the sharks , Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo hasnow introduced underwater scooter ride to bring you face-to-face with the ultimate predator.

At 3 km per hour, go on a romantic ride with your bae or choose to go solo and romance with the sharks! This miniature submarine will give you an up, close & personal experience with the sharks.


What To Expect?

The Shark scooter experience is designed to provide you with a better understanding of the mystical marine life.

With their shark convention program, they aim to bust myths about sharks by raising awareness. We say, its a brilliant way to educate your 10-year-old and give an eye-opening experience while at it.

Ticket cost includes entry to the aquarium, back-of-house tour and of course the scooter ride!

Swim With The Sharks

Co-exist with 33,000 sea creatures including sharks, scuba divers, and fellow shoppers at the Dubai Mall. Also, tick off a visit to the world’s largest water tank from your bucket list while you are at it.

Looking to take baby steps before the jaw-dropping plunge? Swim with cute little baby sharks and get over your fear of the soon to be an extinct predator.

Cage Diving With The Sharks 

Not adventurous enough for the above? Play safe with cage diving. Get an unobstructed view behind toughened glass while scuba divers feed fish to the sharks.

underwater shark


Test your ears while putting together your gear and suiting up. You should be able to clear with ease. Once you’re in the water and on your way down, clear before you feel discomfort, rather than waiting until you feel pressure.

Minimum age: 10 years old
Minimum height: 150cm

How Much: AED 400 (Rs 7400) for the single scooter & AED 600 (Rs 11,082) for the double scooter

Timings: 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm

Bookings: 04 342 2993

The underwater scooter experience seems quite inviting, do you agree? Tell us in comments below.

Hey, you know what, you can also try ship wreck diving in Maldives! 

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