Uorfi Javed And Her Family Enjoyed 4 Kgs Of Mithai From This Place Every Day

Uorfi has a major sweet tooth and couldn’t control herself at Gaurav Sweets And Namkeen

by Ankita Mazumdar
Uorfi Javed And Her Family Enjoyed 4 Kgs Of Mithai From This Place Every Day

Uorfi Javed is an internet sensation who woos everyone with her hatke fashion looks. Some of these fashion statements are her creativity. Like this one time, she took discarded plastic bottles from the streets, made petals and turned them into a top and a skirt. Take a peak at her Instagram. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Uorfi met our anchor, Arohi Thatte in Vile Parle, Mumbai. While discussing her sweet tooth, she shared that her family ordered three to four kg of mithai daily! EVERYDAY. Watch the video linked below to learn more about her.

Uorfi Javed’s Family In Lucknow Ordered 4 Kgs Of Mithai Regularly!

While we were talking about Uorfi Javed’s life back in Lucknow, she shared a childhood story and we were quite shocked upon hearing it. Neelkanth Sweets is the name of the sweet shop that she loved the most. This shop used to deliver large quantities of mithai to her house every day. This sounds normal till now and is acceptable. Next, she informed us that mithai would weigh from three to four kgs! Wait, what…?

To give us confirmation, she told yes us that this was practically a daily routine at her Lucknow household. Every day, the whole family would consume all of these three to four kgs of mithai, and the following day, AGAIN three or four kg of mithai would come from Neelkanth Sweets.

Should we debate about whether it is the quality of Neelkanth Sweets or the fact that Uorfi Javed’s family has a mega sweet tooth? It might be a bit of both. We also understand the reason behind her love for sweets, it’s ingrained since childhood.

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She Is A Fashion Sensation And Running In Heels Comes Easy To Her

uorfi javed
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We explored the Irla Market of Vile Parle with her on foot and she was wearing huge platform heels. Arohi was concerned as to how Uorfi Javed was going to walk because they were travelling on foot. If you have ever been to Mumbai, you will know the concern. To this, she gave us a sweet reply, “I can run in heels! Run!” 

She also told us that when she first came to Mumbai, she would casually travel by BEST buses wearing huge six-inch heels. Arohi just expressed her shock with a big “What” and we agreed with her. It’s Uorfi Javed, she gotta do iconic stuff like this!

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