Up Above AlUla So High! New Hot Air Balloon Ride Above The AlUla Skies Await You

by Deeplata Garde
Up Above AlUla So High! New Hot Air Balloon Ride Above The AlUla Skies Await You

Saudi Arabia has unveiled a captivating addition to its tourism repertoire with the launch of a year-round hot air balloon flight service in the scenic AlUla region. Nestled in the northwest of the kingdom, AlUla is a boutique heritage destination, and this thrilling aerial attraction is brought to life by Hero Balloon Flights, Saudi Arabia’s inaugural commercial hot air balloon operator.

The Grand Launch Of Year-Round Hot Air Balloon Flights in AlUla

Hot Air Balloon
Pic Creds: Experience AlUla

The inaugural flight embarked on its journey on October 1, 2023, as the sun graced the skies of AlUla. Guests seized the opportunity to awaken their inner explorers and immerse themselves in the majesty of Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. Soaring at an altitude of 4,000 feet, they were treated to a spellbinding vista that unfolded with canyons, rock formations, and verdant oases.

AlUla, with its rich history spanning 200,000 years and an enduring civilization of 7,000 years, presents an abundance of ancient and traditional marvels. Hero Balloon Flights seamlessly complements the destination’s already impressive array of experiences, encompassing adventure, culture, arts, heritage, sports, and more.

Booking a private hot air balloon flight unlocks a world of exclusivity and luxury. It is fulfilling dreams that most can only imagine. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your love to new heights. Whether you’re planning a proposal, or celebrating an anniversary simply indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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An Enriching Experience Over The AlUla Skies

The cost of a shared hot air balloon experience stands at SAR 995 per adult and SAR 795 per child. Alternatively, Hero Balloon Flights provides an exclusive private hot air balloon experience. It costs upto SAR 9,995 for eight guests. Each booking includes the added convenience of complimentary transportation to and from the guests’ hotels.

This new service represents an exhilarating enhancement to AlUla’s timeless allure. It offers a unique perspective on the region’s stunning landscapes. It plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable development in AlUla’s growing tourism and adventure offerings.

As the skilled pilot inflates the balloon’s envelope, a sense of wonder washes over you. Get ready for the goosebumps to rise as you witness your balloon gradually taking shape before your eyes.

Cover Image Courtesy: Experience AlUla