US To London Flight Searches Surge By 40 Percent After Queen Elizabeth’s Demise

by Sushmita Mahanta
US To London Flight Searches Surge By 40 Percent After Queen Elizabeth’s Demise

The World is fondly remembering Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, who died Thursday at age 96. And lately, there’s been a surge in flight searches from the US to London following the death of the Queen. Revealing about the same, Travel startup Hopper says that during the hour of the announcement of the Queen’s death, flight searches to London from the United States saw a 49% surge in comparison to the previous day. Read on to know more about the details of the surge in flights to Britain.

The Reason For The Surge In Flights From The US To London

The surge in flights from the US to London is taking place at a time when the British pound is weak in comparison to the dollar. This makes Britain a favourable destination for tourists traveling from the United States. Also, the death of the Queen brings in a sense of curiosity amidst tourists to know Britain better.

As per Hopper’s research, there’s a 40 percent surge in flight searches from across the world to London. This data is in comparison with the previous day. The number further surged by 41% in comparison to three hours before the announcement of Her Majesty’s death.

On The Day Of Queen Elizabeth’s Demise, All Six Tourist Sites Remained Closed

Edinburgh Castle, Windsor, and the Tower of London are among the UK’s most sought after tourist attractions. Following the death of the Queen, surely tourists from across the world and the US must have been curious to visit these places. No doubt flights from the US to London saw a surge. However, a period of quiet has overtaken the UK’s tourist attractions since Her Majesty’s demise.

The Royal Collection Trust too was seen observing a period of official mourning. The Trust looks after the Crown’s art, estates, and attractions that are open to the general public.

On Friday, the Trust revealed, “Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, as a mark of respect, all of our six sites will be closed on Friday 9 September.”

Well, the demise of the Queen is making people across the World curious to know her and her Kingdom better. During such times, the surge in flights to London only makes for a happy piece of information.

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