US Vlogger Prepares Kulfi From Scratch; Desi Netizens Say He Is Indian At Heart! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
US Vlogger Prepares Kulfi From Scratch; Desi Netizens Say He Is Indian At Heart! 

Recently, our beloved desi frozen dessert, kulfi, made it to TasteAtlas’s ’50 Best Frozen Desserts in the World’ list. Grabbing the coveted 14th spot, India’s answer to ice creams, seems to have piqued the interest of foodies across the world. Recently, Eitan Bernath, an award-winning chef and cookbook author tried his hand at making kulfi and impressed Netizens.

Eitan Bernath Makes Kulfi & Shares A Reel

Eitan Bernath posted a reel of himself preparing delicious Cardamom Saffron Kulfi. He starts the reel on his Instagram channel, @eitan, telling his followers, it’s hot outside so he wants to beat the heat with kulfi. In the video, you can see him pouring sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, sugar, pounded green and black cardamom, a pinch of saffron and into a vessel and heating it over the stove.


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As he mixes the ingredients, simmering it on a flame, the US vlogger looks excited to prepare this frozen dessert. Then, Eitan Bernath goes on to chop pistachios and make a crumble out of them. He adds this crumble to the simmering kulfi concoction. The chef mixes it till it thickens and reduces. Next, he grabs metal triangular kulfi moulds and pours the cooled kulfi mixture into it. Then, he pops these into the freezer.

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Netizens Want Him To Make More Desi Sweets

After 6 hours, the US vlogger removes, warms the moulds and unmoulds the kulfis on a plate. And there you have it, Cardamom Saffron Kulfi is ready to go! In no time, this video went viral, garnering 1 lakh views and loads of comments, especially from desi foodies. You can get his recipe in his cookbook, Eitan Eats The World.


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On watching this video, an Instagrammer commented that he is Indian at heart. Another person advised him to avoid heavy cream and too many nuts, as less is more. Others corrected his pronunciation. He even received recipe recommendations from foodies. Instagrammers want him to make kheer and falooda next.

Foodies, what do you think of Eitan Bernath’s kulfi video?

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