US Woman Tracks Her Missing Luggage With Her Apple Watch, Thinks, “How Can Spirit Deliver My Suitcase There?”

While travelling with Spirit Airlines, a woman lost her luggage but was able to track it down with the Apple Watch packed in her suitcase.

by Tashika Tyagi
US Woman Tracks Her Missing Luggage With Her Apple Watch, Thinks, “How Can Spirit Deliver My Suitcase There?”

People these days usually place AirTags or other tracking devices in their luggage to make sure they don’t lose their belongings while travelling. But imagine using an Apple Watch to track your luggage that even the airport authorities couldn’t help with! A young woman in Florida, USA was able to track down her stolen luggage by using the Apple Watch that was placed inside her suitcase. Can you guess where she found her luggage? At the home of a Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s retail worker! Read on to learn more about this case.

Woman Tracks Down Her Luggage With Help Of An Apple Watch

Apple Watch track luggage
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

A woman in Florida, USA was able to track down her stolen luggage with the help of her Apple Watch. On March 3, Paola Garcia, a young college student, was waiting at carousel 4 of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida to collect her luggage. However, her suitcase never showed up. She immediately reported this to Spirit Airlines and they reassured her that they would send her luggage to her address.

The next morning after her flight, she realised that she had an Apple Watch inside her suitcase and it was sending her pings. What caught her attention was that these signals weren’t coming from the Florida airport but from a home in Fort Lauderdale. Her suitcase was packed with Apple devices like her personal MacBook and two Apple Watches. These devices helped her track down her suitcase. While talking to a local outlet Local 10, she expressed how she got confused after discovering the luggage location and questioned how the airline could send it to a random place.

According to The Independent, Paola decided to head to the address to retrieve her luggage as she was in urgent need of her laptop. What she didn’t know was that her bag was taken by an airport retail store employee, Junior Bazile. She saw lots of suitcases at the place, so she took a video and called the police for assistance.

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Police Arrests The Airport Employee

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Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

Police quickly arrived at the scene and charged Bazile with grand theft. They were able to find surveillance footage showing the suspect removing the electronics from Paola’s bag and putting them into clear plastic bags. He can face 5 to 30 years in prison and fines from $5,000 to $10,000.

Sadly, the many items from her suitcase were already gone by the time police arrived. In compensation, Spirit Airlines reportedly sent a reimbursement check to her last month. Talking about this incident, an airline spokesperson told Entrepreneur that they take such allegations seriously and are investigating the matter.

We must commend the promptness of the lady in her devices to find her luggage. In doing so, she ended up unveiling this entire matter to the police, how cool is that? Share your two cents on this issue in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

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