Use This Smart Hack To Never Get Your Uber Cancelled

by Shreya Ghosh
Use This Smart Hack To Never Get Your Uber Cancelled

The dream of every people travelling in metropolitan cities regularly is to get a cab; Ola/Uber without getting cancelled. The inconvenience of the driver cancelling on you after knowing your location is quite common. But a Twitter user found out about a ‘smart hack’ that ensures that the drivers will never bail on you and cancel your ride. We are absolutely sure that you are so thrilled to know about this to save yourself from cancellation while attempting to book a ride next time.

The Smart Hack For Never Getting Uber Cancelled

Indians are experts when it comes to ‘Jugaad’ and this Indian guy, Suyash Upadhyaya found the easiest method of saving people from ride cancellation. @SuyashU posted a screenshot of his conversation with the Uber driver, captioning it ‘Hacked the system’.

The driver texted ‘Drop’ to Suyash. He replied with ‘Yes drop’. The driver followed it with ‘Drop Location’, to which Suyash replied, ‘Yes, drop at location’. Then, the driver followed with the same question ‘Drop Location’ and Suyash replied the same ‘Yes, drop at location’. Lastly, the driver responds with ‘Ok’. 1 min. I’m on my way.,’ and Suyash writes ‘Okay thanks’.

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This conversation between the driver and Suyash is blowing up the internet with numerous reactions and appreciation of the user for his witty idea.

Picture Credits: Mobygeek


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Cab drivers cancelling on people has become a huge joke on social media platforms today. Also, by the term ‘hack’ one needs to understand that it is no way a good idea to deceive a driver who earns his livelihood by these daily wages.

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