You Can Soon Book Trains, Flights And Hotel Tickets With Uber

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
You Can Soon Book Trains, Flights And Hotel Tickets With Uber

Uber Technologies Inc. discarded its image as only a ride-hailing app already when it launched a platform called Uber Eats. The company recently announced that its users will now be able to do even more than just book cabs from their main Uber app. They are soon launching a new feature in which users will be able to book train, flights and bus tickets and in future even hotel rooms. 


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Everything On Your Traditional Uber App

Uber is all set to test a new feature in the UK. The app will soon have a new option in the traditional uber app itself. The new option will help you book train, plane and bus tickets from the Uber app through which earlier users could only book cabs. They are also planning to add hotels to the list in the near future. 

Enhancing Travel Integration

Uber’s expansion is almost certain to cause major disruptions in the UK transportation industry. The new app aims to integrate travel to new heights by allowing you to book a train ticket, then call a cab to pick you up at the station, and, if you feel hungry, have Uber Eats delivered to your destination. It could lead to a hassle-free travel experience.

No Need To Leave the Uber App

Uber hopes to add trains, coaches, and car rentals to its app by this summer, but it has larger plans. Within the next few months, the company hopes to offer flights and cross-Channel trains as well. The plan is to make sure that in the coming years, users don’t have to leave the Uber app to travel.

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