Beer To Get Cheaper In Uttar Pradesh; English, Desi Liquor To Get Expensive

by Tania Tarafdar
Beer To Get Cheaper In Uttar Pradesh; English, Desi Liquor To Get Expensive

Love beer? Here’s great news for you. According to the new excise policy, beer prices in Uttar Pradesh will now get cheaper. And while there is no change in the license fee of beer, its prices are being reduced. This will significantly increase the beer consumption in Uttar Pradesh. While buying beer will be cheaper, the prices of Indian and English liquor will be higher. The price of different brands of English liquor has been increased by 15% to 20%.

Do you like to shop and stock alcohol from the duty-free shops at the airport? While that can be a great idea, you may no longer be able to take the liquor back home if you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh. Yes, Uttar Pradesh now has a new liquor law where you will have to procure a ‘home license’ to consume and store liquor at home above the permitted limit. 

6 Litres Of Alcohol Allowed Without License

Upsetting many, the Excise Department has notified a new policy where you will have to obtain a ‘home license’ every year from the District Collector and renew it after a year. The government has only permitted the purchase, transport and possession of a maximum of only 6 litres of liquor. You will need a license if you wish to store anything more than this amount. 

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Liquor License Will Cost   12,000

However, the license does not come for free. You will have to pay  12,000, and a security amount of 51,000 every year under the stipulated conditions. But why did the government impose such high fees? According to reports, the state government has set a revenue target of 6,000 crores more than 34,500 crores in 2021-22. As a result, there is a 7.5% increase in annual license fees for country liquor, foreign liquor retail shops. That said, there has been no increase in the retail shop license fees of beer. Here are 10 Great-Tasting Indian Beers Every Beer Lover Must Try.

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