5 Uttarakhand Homestays Overlooking Snow-Capped Peaks That Will Make You Forget Himachal

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Uttarakhand Homestays Overlooking Snow-Capped Peaks That Will Make You Forget Himachal

The unbearable scorching heat is killing us every day and we really want to leave this horrible weather and escape somewhere in the mountains to cuddle up to the beauty of nature. Uttarakhand is a great place to escape from the intolerable heat for some days and explore the majestic beauty of the state. If Uttarakhand is on your travel list, then here are some amazing recommendations for Uttarakhand homestays. We are quite optimistic that you will fall in love with these Uttarakhand homestays and the picturesque views from there.

5 Uttarakhand Homestays Overlooking Snow-Capped Peaks

1. Maati

If you are on the lookout for a perfect stay to escape the city and immerse in the magnificence of nature that will soothe your soul in no time, then ‘Maati’ is your perfect destination. Nestled in Sarmoli village, this homestay is completely far away from the crowd and boasts the simplest and most beautiful vibes and ambience. Every corner of this stay sparks tranquility and features the most majestic views of snow-capped mountain peaks. An NGO called Maati Sangathan runs this stay and they work for the development of local women.

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2. The Himalayan Ark Homestay

If sitting in peace and calm surrounded by lush greenery and mountains on your mind, then ‘The Himalayan Ark Homestay’ is just the perfect option. Nestled near Sarmoli Bend, the Sarmoli-Jayanti Van Panchayat constructed this homestay to develop the residents of Sarmoli with tourism and their forests. This place boasts 25 homestays that will give you the experiences of living in the distant mountains and the lifestyle of these people. You will even get guides for trying out any thrilling adventures such as hiking and trekking.

3. ZeroStay

Nestled in Kanatal, ZeroStay is one of the prettiest Uttarakhand homestays. The most interesting part is that ZeroStay is actually an eco-friendly cottage offering the authentic lifestyle of the mountains. A beautiful farm houses the cottage with an orchard, vegetables, fruits, pine trees, oaks, and more such trees. There are simply no words to describe the beauty this place holds. If you are booking your stay, make sure to grab a plate of their most delicious Gharwali food.

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4. Uttam And Shalini’s Charming Abode

The name truly justifies the homestay as it is indeed a charming abode. ‘Uttam and Shalini’s charming abode’ is run by a couple and they maintain this place stunningly. You will surely have a great time with your loved ones here with the magical nature surrounding this place. You can simply pass time walking long distances nearby admiring the beauty and serenity.

5. Rhododendron Forest Mud Hut

To go away from all worldly disturbances, go to ‘Rhododendron Forest Mud Hut’ in Chopta. The location of this mud hut is probably one of the coolest among all the Uttarakhand homestays. It stands tall in between the Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary almost 9000 feet above sea level. The construction of this homestay is also very interesting with wood, stone, cow dung, and mud. The look of this homestay is completely earthy and brings out the ambience of a village living in mud houses. The view, the vibes, and the no-network ambience will surely be the most beautiful part of your stay here.