Uzbekistan National Caught At Delhi Airport For Carrying Medicines Worth ₹75 Lakhs

by Shreya Shriyan
Uzbekistan National Caught At Delhi Airport For Carrying Medicines Worth ₹75 Lakhs

In the fast-paced world of airport security, the Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) stands as the beacon of safety. If not for them, a lot of illegal activities that happen across borders would go unchecked. Recently, the CSIF uncovered another of these criminal activities before things could go haywire. An Uzbekistan national was caught at Delhi Airport with more ₹70 lakhs worth of medicines. 

Medicines Worth ₹70 Lakhs Intercepted At Delhi Airport 

The Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) suspected huge quantities of medicines were being smuggled through the Indira Gandhi National Airport in Delhi. The medicines are reported to have been worth at least ₹70 lakhs, says ANI. As per the report, the CISF officials caught the passenger behaving in an unusual manner.

This was done by CISF using behaviour detection, CISF Surveillance and the intelligence personnel’s observations. The passenger was displaying suspicious behaviour, stated the report. The passenger has been identified as Ekhtivor Abdhullaeva.

Ekhtivor is of Uzbekistan nationality and was set to travel to Almaty through Air Astana.

As per the reports, due to strong suspicion, the passenger along with her baggage was referred for random XBIS checking. And the suspicion proved to be right. Because upon checking, huge quantities of medicines were found. She had carried the medicines inside three huge cartons, reported ANI.

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How Did The Officials Deal With It?

Image Credits: @CISFHQrs / Twitter

However, she was further allowed for her immigration checks and was kept under digital and physical surveillance. As per the reports, the matter was further reported to customs officials, said ANI.  It was also later revealed that after getting caught, the passenger had allegedly changed her travel plans to avoid repercussions.

Reports state that she was intercepted and a joint interrogation was conducted by CISF and the customs officials. Reports also stated that on being asked for the documentation for the medicines, the traveller and alleged smuggler failed to provide any.

This confirmed to the officials that this was a case of smuggling. As per ANI’s reports, the lady along with her bag and the medicines were handed over to customs officials for further investigation. 

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The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs and serves as a paramilitary security force in India. Its establishment dates back to 1969, with a primary focus on ensuring security. And also the protection of critical infrastructure installations and establishments nationwide.

Cover image credits: Canva and @CISFHQrs / Twitter