Spend A Vacation At These Himalayan Cottages In Himachal Surrounded By Pretty Tulips & Streams

by Suchismita Pal
Spend A Vacation At These Himalayan Cottages In Himachal Surrounded By Pretty Tulips & Streams

Tucked around 550 metres upstream from the confluence of the Kalwari Nullah and Tirthan river, the charming Gone Fishing Cottages in the picturesque Tirthan Valley can be a true rehab for the one who is in the quest for some solace amid mother nature. The cottages sit in the eco-zone of the UNESCO Heritage Site, the Great Himalayan National Park. They are flanked by pretty tulips and farming fields on one side, while the other side busks with a line up of pines and deodars.

Himalayan Cottages In Himachal
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The fishing season starts here on March 1 and continues up to October 31. It is one of the most ideal locations for anglers who love to go fishing in the mountains with rod and line.

The Cottages Have Rock-Inspired Walls And They Are Equipped With Bukhuris

The cottages are crafted to ensure that the guests remain close to everything natural, even inside the rooms. The rock-inspired walls of the rooms along with the wooden ceilings render an old-world feel. The aura of the rooms are intensified with fresh flowers and luxury bath essentials. The cottages have been designed in a way that allows a lot of natural light to come in. Each cottage is equipped with a bukhuri and oil heater to keep guests warm in the freezing temperatures. The charming cottages are surrounded by gigantic mountains and waving paths.

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Trout Farms Are Dotted Across The Valley

Around the cottages, the valley is dotted with trout farms that attract anglers during the fishing season. While taking a halt at the Gone Fishing Cottages, you too can take part in these fishing activities. Trout fishing permits can be easily achieved and they are inexpensive too. Other activities in which one can take part from these cottages include a drive through the remote Sarchi village, hiking through the Great Himalayan National Park and walking up to Chaini Kothi, the 17th-century fortified Himalayan tower.

Himalayan Cottages In Himachal
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Savouring Delicious Organic Dishes And Fresh Fishes

Gone Fishing Cottages offer meals with ingredients sourced organically from the local farmers. They also prepare dishes off the menu on request. What’s more, during the fishing season, you can enjoy fresh and delicious fishes here right out of the streams. One can also enjoy outdoor dining here by the bonfire.

The cottages are nestled in the Tirthan Valley Road, in village Deori, under the Kalwari Post Office. Gone Fishing Cottages are one of the best-kept secrets in Himachal Pradesh that offer a holistic sojourn along with a fishing experience in the serene mountains.

Price: Starting from ₹5600/night for two guests

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