Valentine’s Day Week: 7 Romantic Movies That Inspired Us To Travel

by Anupriya Mishra
Valentine’s Day Week: 7 Romantic Movies That Inspired Us To Travel

Cinema plays an intrinsic role in displaying societal beliefs and gives us an insight into the mind of the storyteller. Today, there are multiple genres ranging from comedy to horror, offering something for everyone. We are here to talk (rather write) about romantic movies that inspire us to take on new adventures, especially when it comes to travel. Keeping this in mind and with the spirits of Valentine’s Day Week we have curated a list of romantic movies.

Here’s A List Of 7 Romantic Movies That Inspired Us To Travel

1. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise
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Before Sunrise is a romance drama movie starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. While it came out in 1995, this evergreen movie takes you on a journey across Europe. The plot revolves around Jessie Wallace, an American man who meets Celine, a French woman while travelling on a train in Europe. On the last day, he decides to spend the remaining hours with her before his eventual return to the US.

This movie is bound to strike a chord in you, as it explores the meaningful relationships you may build while travelling. It also teaches the importance of revelling in the limited time spent together with other like-minded folks, as there is no certainty of seeing the other person again.


2. Eat, Pray, Love

Eat Pray Love
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Eat, Pray, Love is a classic movie starring Julia Roberts, who plays the role of Elizabeth Gilbert. The story starts with the protagonist getting divorced. As her world comes crashing down, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery across the world. A fantastic movie for partners who love to travel together, the movie takes its viewers along on a memorable journey of Italy, India, and Bali. Balancing the importance of being true to one’s self and finding second chances at love, this movie is bound to leave you with an itch to travel.

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3. Blended

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Blended is a romantic comedy that will leave you in splits. While it’s not traditionally a romance movie, it does explore second chances in the picturesque setting of South Africa. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler play the lead roles wherein they take an eventful vacation to South Africa together with their respective children. As they get stuck in a blended family vacation, the scenic South African views are certainly going to make you want to book a safari here.

4. Call Me by Your Name


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Starring the charming Timothée Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name is set against the stunning backdrop of northern Italy. This coming-of-age romance movie explores the story of Elio, a 17-year-old American living in Italy with his parents. During the summer, the family agrees to host a 24-year-old American scholar, Oliver, as a summer intern. The young men form a friendship, which unexpectedly blossoms into romance as they spend more time together. While focussing on the complexity of their relationship, the beautiful Italian landscape is enough to tempt any traveller.

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5. Crazy Rich Asians


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Covering the beautiful and ever-vibrant Singapore, Crazy Rich Asians is certainly an entertaining watch. Starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding in the lead, the romantic movie revolves around Rachel, a professor, dating a young man named Nick. She is in for a massive shock when she discovers that Nick is from one of the richest families in Singapore.

Exploring the vibrant food culture and panoramic views of the Southeast Asian country, the flick is bound to give viewers some serious travel inspiration. You should certainly think of watching this movie with your special one, as it features a healthy dose of romance with just the right amount of drama.

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Breakups, no matter how cordial are never easy. And the next film on this list starts with our male lead, Peter Bretter, played by Jason Segel, getting dumped by his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (by Kristen Bell). Heartbroken, Peter decides to go on a vacation to Hawaii, where, as luck would have it, Sarah is also staying at the same resort with her new boyfriend.

Here, he also meets Rachel Jansen, a resort concierge, with whom he starts to fall in love again. The beautiful Hawaiian beaches in this romantic comedy are enough to even make a mountain person appreciate pristine white sandy beaches.

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7. P.S. I Love You

PS I Love You
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Starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank this heartbreakingly beautiful movie is set against the bewitching backdrop of Ireland. The plot revolves around Holly Kennedy, a widow who receives letters addressed to her by her husband. They keep motivating her to continue living her life. A movie about being open to new experiences while being grief-stricken and a chance at finding love again. The lush countryside and the feeling of exploring a new destination in midst of emotional turmoil is something relatable to almost every traveller. Do keep a tissue box handy for this one!

So, these were some romantic movies that made us want to pack our bags for the next adventure. How many of these have you seen?

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